A Good Edukation

All children between the ages of 5 and 18 are entitled to a free place at a state school (colegio público) -  the government provides money for them. Most children go to a state school but increasingly parents are opting for an independent school (colegio privado) - one which does not receive money from the government.

Nursery education is avaliable for those of pre-school age. Children normally start primary school at the age of 4 or 5 and move on to secondary school at the age of 11.

Most state schools admit both boys and girls, though some are single-sex.

All state schools follow the National Curriculum.

Some specialist schools focus on a particular subject area such as sports, technology or visual arts.

Faith schools are mostly run in the same way as other state schools. However, their faith status may be reflected in their religious education curriculum, admissions criteria and staffing policies.

A comprehensive school is one where children of all abilities are taught whereas grammar schools select their pupils based on academic ability.

A boarding school is one where children live and study.

Independent schools set their own curriculum and admissions policies. They are fee-paying schools - where parents pay directly for their education.

A further option is home schooling. Children are taught at home by their parents or a private tutor.

A public school (colegio privado) in England is an expensive, elitist type of private school. However, in Scotland and the US, public school is a term applied to a state-funded school.

Children can leave school at 16. Many go to college where they study or train to get knowledge or skills.

What kind of school did you go to?

What are the pros and cons of the different types of schooling?

Do most children go to nurseries?

Are all-girls' and all-boys' schools a good idea?

Do pupils at independent schools receive a better education than at state schools?

What do you think of home schooling?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham !!

I´m Felix

I went to a public school (like in England) and I studied in a public university (privada).
I think that all types of schooling have pros and cons, but the best one (for me it has more pros than cons), is the school where boys and girls are together, the school where teacher pay more attention to the children.

I think that many children go to nurseries at Spain.

About independent schools, I think that they give a worse education than public schools.

See you on Monday.

Have a nice weekend!!
Graham said…
Hi Felix

There are so many different kinds of schools to choose from that it can be confusing.

I agree that mixed-sex education is best.

... the school where THE teacher PAYS more attention to the children.

I think that many children go to nurseries IN Spain.

See you tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham
It's Hilde
I've read the article
I studied in a single-sex school. The teachers are nuns. I think the education was good but the discipline was so rigid.
About the article, I'm not sure but I think that in Spain home schooling is banned when children are preteen.
See you
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

Faith schools are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. As well as obtaining better exam results, they have strict discipline.