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A Mexican teenager is staging a hunger strike outside the British Embassy in Mexico City in a bizarre attempt to secure an invitation to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Estibalis Chavez, 19, said she had not eaten for the past eight days and was living on just water as she camps in a blue tent near the gates to the embassy.

"Are they going to let me die just because they wouldn't give me an invitation to the royal wedding?" Miss Chavez wrote on one of the flyers she has plastered near the entrance to the colonial-style building.

"This is my only dream," read another flyer next to a picture of the smiling royal couple who will marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Miss Chavez, wearing braces, pigtails and glasses, said the late Princess Diana had inspired her campaign.

"I think she was one of the most interesting women in history, and one of the best and most beautiful," she said.

"My mother was a big fan of Lady Di too and she died when I was born, so I promised myself I would attend her son's wedding," added Miss Chavez, who has also taken her cause to the Facebook social networking site.

"The embassy could talk to Britain for me but they haven't," she said. "But I'm going to stay here until I can't go on."

Source: Telegraph

Royal wedding snub

Around 2,000 royal wedding invitations have been sent out- one name not on the list? Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

Despite earlier reports that Prince William insisted his aunt get a golden ticket, her name is noticeably absent from the guest list. (HLN)

As MSNBC explains, Fergie’s history of family drama might be deserving of an invite snub.

“Weddings – even royal weddings – are tense occasions, aren’t they? And to say the least Sarah Ferguson and the royal family have had a tense past. You can mention the divorce. You can mention- if you think back- those toe-sucking pictures, if you remember. And then just recently that scandal with the News of the World Newspaper, here.”

One Zap2It blogger thinks that last scandal is what pushed Fergie from RSVP (respondez sil vous plait) to MIA. (missing in action)

“Fergie has refused to do any interviews or press regarding the wedding, so we're assuming she learned her lesson from that time she tried to sell access to her ex, Prince Andrew, to an undercover reporter for cash.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there should have been room for Fergie alongside some other interesting choices.

“Among the small handful of celebrities who reportedly received the gilded cards were David Beckham … his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham … Elton John, a friend of William's late mother, Diana, and Kanye West, whom William selected to perform at a 2007 tribute to Diana.”

But hope isn’t totally lost for Fergie. ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris has an idea.

“Well, you know there is a lottery. 100 people get to enter a lottery. I think Fergie should enter the lottery. Party crash.”

A spokesperson for the Duchess told People Magazine the non-invite was actually her choice. NBC’s Royal Contributor says the media attention surrounding the snub may be exactly what Fergie’s trying to avoid.

“It would seem rather insensitive for her to turn up and possibly divert all that media attention from their big day to her. And that’s what the press would do. She’s done the right thing.”

Fergie is reportedly focusing on her new Oprah Winfrey-backed reality show out later this year. But her daughters – Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – plan to be part of the nuptial crowd.

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Montse said…
I don’t like to attend to weddings so, I wouldn’t like to receive one of those gilded cards. I imagine that the British are excited with that wedding but I think we had enough with ours. I won’t see it if I can avoid to although I think it’ll be impossible.

See you on Thursday!
Graham said…

I won’t see it if I CAN HELP IT.

I get the feeling that the Spanish media will saturate us with coverage of the wedding.

I wonder if they will provide live coverage.

And more importantly, if I will be allowed a day off work. It has been made a public holiday in the UK.