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"Spiderman" saves boy from fall

Paris balcony boy family thank Mali 'Spiderman' Mamoudou Gassama
The family of a small boy dramatically rescued afterdangling from a balcony in Paris, France have expressed their thanks to the Malian man who saved him.

"He's truly a hero," the boy's grandmother said of migrant Mamoudou Gassama, who scaled four floors to pluck the child from danger.

The four-year-old's father, who had left him in their flat and gone shopping, faces charges of failing to look after his child, reports say.

Mr Gassama will be givencitizenship.

French President Emmanuel Macron personally thanked him, gave him a medal for courage and said he would also be offered a role in the fire service.

More details have begun to emerge of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Why was the boy on the balcony?

The boy left Réunion, where his mother and grandmother live, about three weeks ago and moved to Paris to join his father, who works in the city. His mother and the couple's se…

£10,000 for every 25-year-old

Give millennials £10,000 each to tackle generation gap, says thinktank
Resolution Foundation proposes ‘citizen’s inheritance’ to help redistribute wealth to young
Every person in Britain should receive £10,000 when they turn 25 to help fix the “broken” intergenerational contract between millennials and baby boomers, an influential thinktank has proposed following a two-year study.

The payment, described as a “citizen’s inheritance”, is intended to redistribute wealth at a time when young people need it most to find housing, return to education or start a business.

It is also intended to reduce resentment towards baby boomers (born 1946-65) who have typically done better out of the housing market and pensions than any subsequent generation.

The idea has emerged from the Resolution Foundation’s intergenerational commission, which has been working on the issue for two years and has now published its final report.

The panel was chaired by David Willetts, the former Conservative universit…

Run, run, run!

Source: Wikimedia (Ed Yourdon)

Running Vocabulary:

an athlete - un atleta

to beat your personal best - batir tu propio récord

a bib  - un dorsal (y babero)

a blister - una ampolla

to be out of  breath - sin aliento

to get cramp - darle a uno un calambre

downhill - cuesta abajo

the finishing line - la meta

flat (adj) - llano

to get injured - lesionarse

to go jogging / to jog - ir a correr

a jogger - un corredor

a lap (of a track) - una vuelta

pace- el ritmo

a race - una carrera

to be in shape ≠ to be out of shape - estar en forma ≠ estar bajo de forma

a slope - una cuesta

sore (adj) - dolerse

the starting line - la salida

steep (adj) - empinado

stiff (adj) - tener agujetas

to get a stitch - darle a uno flato

to do stretching - hacer estiramiento

to sweat - sudar

a track - una pista

to train (for a race) - entrenarse

trainers - zapatillas

to run on a treadmill - correr en la cinta

uphill - cuesta arriba

to warm up - calentar

Phrasal Verbs with run:

run around: to be very busy doing a lot …