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Cinema Crossword

Have a go at this film-related crossword.

You can click on the key symbol to get the answers.

If you do the crossword, write me a short comment. Did you get them all?

Check out more film-related vocabulary.

Check out some tips for seeing films in English.

Read all about the Oscars 2014.

Have you seen or are you going to see any of the films that were nominated for this year's Oscars?

Wales Quiz

Today is the Patron Saint's Day of Wales.

How much do you know about Wales?

1. Who is the Patron Saint of Wales?

A. Charles
B. David
C. Patrick
D. George

2. What is the capital of Wales?

A. Cardiff
B. Swansea
C. Liverpool
D. Belfast

3. Which vegetable is the national symbol of Wales?

Source: Wikipedia
A. Turnip
B. Leek
C. Carrot
D. Courgette

4. Which flower is the national symbol of Wales?

Source: Wikipedia (jasssmit)

A. Daffodil
B. Carnation
C. Daisy
D. Lily

5. Which one is the flag of Wales?

6. Which actor is not Welsh?

A. Catherine Zeta Jones (married to Michael Douglas)
B. Anthony Hopkins (played Hannibal Lecter)
C. Richard Burton ( twice married to Elizabeth Taylor)
D. Pierce Brosnan (played James Bond)

7. The Millenium Stadium is home to which sport?

A. Badminton
B. Football
C. Rugby
D. Diving

8. Which instrument is associated with Wales?

A. Flute
B. Drums
C. Harp
D. Accordian

9. Listen to the National Anthem of Wales.  Which of the following are lines from the anthem?

Source: YouTube…