Pre Int - File 3 Vocab

Complete the sentences with a suitable word.
  1. A: Are you looking f___ to going back home? B: I can't wait.
  2. Can you l___ me $50? I'll pay you back when I get paid.
  3. C___ up! Things aren't so bad.
  4. Hurry up or we'll m___ the train.
  5. Can I s___ seats with you? I don't have my glasses and I can't see the board from here.
  6. My teacher gave me some t___ to help me improve my English.
  7. A: How would you like your s___? B: Well done.
  8. I think there's a mistake in the c____. We didn't have any coffee with our meal.
  9. A: I have an interview this afternoon. B: Good l___!
  10. A: How long will the speech l___? B: about half an hour
  11. I had a horrible n____ last night. I dreamt I was falling into a dark tunnel.
  12. I think his new company will be s____. He has a  good head for business.


Montse said…
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Paloma said…
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Graham said…
That's fine except for:

5. Can I SWAP (exchange) seats with you? "share" would mean both people sitting on the same seat.

6. tips = advice (I suppose "tests" could fit too)

12. success = noun
successful = adjective

Well done!
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!

I didn't have all the words.. Majda

1. forwards

2. let

3. i don't know

4. miss

5. i don't know

6. tips

7. sister

8. i don't know

9. luck


11 nightmare

Graham said…
Hey Majda! What are you doing this exercise for? If you haven't studied the file, it will be difficult (even if it is Pre Int). You should be doing Int+ stuff.




4. miss (right)


6. tips (right)

7. STEAK (sister hahahaha)

8. I think it's CHECK (American for bill)

9. luck (right)

10. LAST

11 nightmare (right)

12.successful (right)