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Do men really worry more about their appearance?

Body image concerns more men than women, research finds Anxiety about body image has led to some men conceding they would exchange a year of their life for the perfect physique
More men worry about their body shape and appearance – beer bellies, "man boobs" or going bald – than women do about how they look, according to research.

More than four in five men (80.7%) talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared with 75% of women. Similarly, 38% of men would sacrifice at least a year of their life in exchange for a perfect body – again, a higher proportion than women.

Source: The Guardian

to concern -

to lead to -

a beer belly -

boobs -

to go bald -

a flaw -

an eating disorder -

to resort to -

to draw attention to stg -

a lack of stg -

(a slim) frame -

chubby (adj) -

to overhear -

moobs -

to slim down -

to be deterred from doing stg -

to trade -

to forego -

a shape -

in pursuit of stg -

driven (adj) -

due t…

Can women really be better at parking?

Women are better at parking than men, study suggests
It is a cliché almost as old as the motor car itself, and the subject of many a sexist joke.
But the idea that women cannot park is simply untrue, according to research indicating that female drivers are more adept than men at manoeuvring into a space.

Covert surveillance of car parks across Britain has shown that while women may take longer to park, they are more likely to leave their vehicles in the middle of a bay.

Source: Daily Telegraph


adept (adj) -

to manoeuvre -

a bay -

to take into account -

to reverse -

skilled (adj) -

overall (adj) -

to rank -

to achieve (a score) -

to devise (an experiment, a plan) -

awareness (n) -

to dispel (a myth) -

to mark (a performance) -

a final tally -

to spot -

to be about to... (leave) -

to set yourself up -

to pay off -

punishing (adj) -

ought to (aux) -

to bang (a door) -

the fairer sex -

to come out on top -

to ring true -

can't do stg for toffee -

the figures -

to disclose -

Here is a go…

Garzón in the dock

Spain's Franco-era probe judge Baltasar Garzon on trial
A high-profile Spanish judge has gone on trial accused of violating a 1977 amnesty law by investigating civil war and Franco-era crimes.

The prosecution of Baltasar Garzon, who famously indicted late Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet, has been brought by two right-wing groups.

They say he overstepped his powers by investigating the disappearance of 114,000 people between 1936 and 1975.

Human rights groups have described the Supreme Court trial as a scandal.

Source: BBC News

to probe -

to go/be on trial -

right-wing (adj) -

to overstep (powers) -

to deal with stg -

to drop (a case) -

to back sb -

the prosecutor / to prosecute -

to shelve stg -

to harm -

up to (20 years) -

a busybody -

a grave -

fierce (adj) -

to heed -

a wound -

to pin your hopes for stg on sb -

the court -

to amount to stg -

to bug (conversations) -

to pursue -

to set a date for stg -

to take bribes -

to seek (sought, sought) -

wrongdoing (n) -

fair (adj) -

Facebook and Twitter

Why not join me, if you haven't already, on Facebook and/or Twitter?

There you will find things that I don't post here on the blog.

Some of you may worry about the privacy issue. Remember that Facebook gives you the option of who is able to see your wall - the general public, friends of friends or only the people on your friend list. You can hide all your details, even from specific people.

Another option you have is to create a new Facebook page, under a new name that nobody will recognize. You would only use it for English.

Unlike Facebook, it doesn't seem that many people have a Twitter account.

Some of the tweets (messages) go directly to my wall on Facebook, but you are not able to see those that contain a link or sent to an individual unless you have a Twitter account. It is very easy to set up.

You can, if you prefer, just follow all my Tweets by clicking on the link in the top left hand column in this blog.

With Facebook and Twitter (you will be relieved to hear), y…

Scottish independence worries Spain

Spain could wield veto over Scotland's EU membership
Independence for Scots could embolden separatists in Catalonia and Basque region, Madrid fears
Spain is standing in the way of Scotland's ambitions to become an independent nation within the European Union because of fears that it could spark the break-up of the Spanish state.

Spanish officials have registered concerns with counterparts in the United Kingdom over the Scottish government's independence blueprint, senior Whitehall sources confirmed yesterday.

Spain has indicated it could block an independent Scotland's accession to the European Union, sources said. It has already refused to recognise Kosovo's existence as an independent state. Madrid fears such moves will encourage separatist ambitions in Spanish regions, particularly Catalonia and the Basque region. Spain's refusal to recognise Kosovo has frustrated the former Serbian province's ambitions to enter the union.

Source: The Independent


Cruise tragedy: Italian shame

Image source: Roberto Vongher @ wikipedia
Costa Concordia: Italians buy t-shirts with 'Get back on board, for ----’s sake!' logo
Italians show anger at the Costa Concordia cruise ship captain, Francesco Schettino, with t-shirts screaming "Get back on board, for ----’s sake!" and the creation of Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags.
It has come to symbolise the entire disaster – the furious command barked down a phone line by a Coast Guard official to the captain of the Costa Concordia to get back on the ship and take command of the mass evacuation.

“Get back on board, for ----’s sake,” screamed the official, Gregorio De Falco – a phrase that has now gone viral among Italians on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Source: Daily Telegraph


to scream/ a scream -

a hashtag -

for f***'s sake / for God's sake / for pete's sake -

to bark/ a bark -

to run aground -

the crew -

soul-searching -

to label -

a show-off / to show off -

to hail -


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