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A remarkable re-encounter

Carjacked couple spot criminals on holiday 1,200 miles away
A Belgian couple on holiday in Spain spotted the armed criminals who had carjacked them at gunpoint a month previously in Liege, 1,200 miles away.
The unnamed pair saw Luc Jadoul, 47, and his girlfriend Gaëlle Deloge, 20, on a beach in Alicante.

Mr Jadoul and Miss Deloge had threatened the couple with a gun and hijacked their Nissan SUV while making a dramatic escape from a Belgian courthouse just four weeks before.

Source: Daily Telegraph


to spot sb/stg:

to carjack:

to hijack:

to threaten:

a courthouse:

to keep your head:

a yard(measurement):

a tyre:

to let down(a tyre):

to praise:

to pimp:

to hold sb:

a warrant:

to face (a problem):

to plead:

to hug:

to embrace:

to be due to stg:

to flee:

to grab:

to stage stg:

at gunpoint:

Do you know of any other chance meetings?

Mistakes this week

All people go on holiday in August. WRONG
Everyone/everybody goes on holiday in August. RIGHT

I'm not IN THE MOOD FOR explainING this one now. It's not that I don't know :D , it's just that it'd take too long.

everyone/everybody = singular (present: verb + "s")
person (sing) , people (plural) so:
People are, people go ...

I watch too much films. WRONG
I watch too many films. RIGHT (grammatically) but possibly WRONG (in meaning)

too, too much and too many are negative concepts:

It is too hot in here.  (I don't like it - open the window)
She talks too much.  (I hate it - she should talk less)
We bought too much food. (We didn't need to buy so much - it's a waste!)
There are too many people in this class. (I won't learn so much with so many classmates)

If we simply talk about the degree/quantity without the negative concept , we'd say:

It is very hot in here.
She talks a lot.
We bought a lot of food.
There are a lot of people in this clas…

More summer stories

London Riots Spreading: Cameron Calls Emergency Session
Prime Minister David Cameron has called an emergency session of Parliament after violent riots continued into their third night.

Since Saturday, police have arrested more than 500 people and one person has died. It is the worst rioting in Britain since the 1980s.


Facebook Users Land in Jail for UK Riots
“Two Facebook users in their early twenties have been jailed for four years for inciting riots. Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan set up pages on the social networking site encouraging people to join in with the violence that spread across England more than one week ago.”

So what’s the big deal? Well, the riots they were charged with “inciting” never actually happened.


The above headline is factually incorrect - the riots were only in English cities. If the riots had happened only in Scotland, the media would not have labelled them UK riots.

Chocolate Could Help to Lower the Risk of He…

Spanish stories from over the summer

Zapatero calls early Spain election amid economic woes
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has called a general election for November, four months earlier than expected.

He said this would enable a new government to confront Spain's economic problems from January.

Hours earlier, a credit rating agency warned it might downgrade Spain's rating due to weak growth prospects.

Source: BBC News

Pope in Spain: Pilgrims in Madrid's protest square
Young Catholics have been pouring into the Spanish capital all week and Pope Benedict XVI is to join them on a four-day visit to Madrid.

The pilgrims have made their way from 193 countries. For days, they have packed the sweltering city streets sporting matching rucksacks and floppy sun hats. The metro is full of groups singing hymns in loud harmony as they ride.

They are here for World Youth Day - actually a week of activities - which culminates in an open-air Sunday Mass con-celebrated by the Pope. But there has been gr…