Oh Fido, Will you be my Valentine?

FORGET going gooey-eyed over our other halves this ­Valentine’s Day – we save most of our love for our cats and dogs.

On the most romantic day of the year, a survey reveals that a third of pet owners are more affectionate to their furry friends than their human lovers.

Source: Daily Express


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your other half -

furry (adj) -

devoted (adj) -

to date sb -

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a poll -

to give up -

for the sake of ...

to take the place of -

to stroke (a cat/dog) -

a bond -

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to put up with sb/stg -

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a moggy (inf) -

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overall -

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Check out the BBC special on Valentine's Day.



Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I've read the article.
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I am not surprised at the findings of the poll. I wonder if there would be similar findings in Spain.
Montse said…
Hi,Graham. I hope not and I prefer to think that, in Spain, we enjoy much more with the human company than animal, yet. I love animals but I think that everyone has to keep his place in the life and a pet doesn’t replace to a person.
Graham said…

I am sure you are right. I doubt many Spanish people would understand the findings of the poll.

I get the impression that pets in Spain aren't an integral part of the family as they are in the UK.

we STILL ENJOY HUMAN COMPANY much more than THE COMPANY OF ANIMALS. I love animals but I think that everyone has to keep THEIR place in LIFE and a pet doesn’t REPLACE A person.

enjoy + object