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Intermediate 1 (Part 3)

Complete the following sentences with suitable words:
Why do you want to visit there? It's such a d_ _ _. It must be one of the ugliest towns in the country.I think Italy has the lowest birth r _ _ _ in the whole of Europe. So many parents just have one child. Rich? They are one of the w_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ families in Madrid. They own properties all over Spain.I doubt that was a very w_ _ _ decision. I think he risks losing all his money.Most footballers aren't good r _ _ _ m_ _ _ _ _ for children though sport stars are usually a good example for them.You should get r _ _  of these clothes if you never wear them.I wish you wouldn't be so m _ _ _ _. Go and tidy up your room.I got these shoes for half price. Did you find any b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the sale?She is English but she was b_ _ _ _ _ _ up in France. She went back to England as an adult.Someone must have seen the accident but the police can find no w _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.We should clear out the attic. It's full of j _ _ _ - …

The Lion Hugger

In 2012 Valentin Gruener rescued a young lion cub and raised it himself at a wildlife park in Botswana. It was the start of an extraordinary relationship. Now an astonishing scene is repeated each time they meet - the young lion leaps on Gruener and holds him in an affectionate embrace.

"Since the lion arrived, which is three years now, I haven't really left the camp," says Gruener.

Source: BBC News

to rescue ( = to save) -

to raise ( = to bring up) -

astonishing ( = amazing) -

to leap ( = to jump) -

an embrace ( = a hug, v/n) -

to devote -

to rescue ( = to save) -

a holding pen -

to be fed up with -

to prey on stg -

cattle (n) -

a cub -

a cage -

tiny (adj) -

to feed -

to take care of sb/ stg -

feisty (adj) -

to deal with stg ( = to cope with) -

to rush -

to greet sb -

a paw -

to hang out (with sb) -

the bush -

such as -

to lie around -

to hunt -

up to -

rather than ( = instead of) -

to despatch -

to hand sb stg ( = to give) -

to roam -

to release -

to be likely (to happen) -

Intermediate 1 Review (2)

There are two wrong sentences in each of the following groups. Correct them.

I think I'll phone Anne tonight. We haven't spoken for ages.The gap between rich and poor each time gets wider.I don't know what am I going to do this summer.We aim to finish the project by the end of March. B.
You can be tired. You have been working all day.If I see David, I'll tell him to get in touch with you.You look like sad. What's happened?He's changed his career - now he works as an engineer. I think he works for a German firm. C.
There is much unemployment in Spain so many young people have gone abroad to look for work.I don't think we have enough time to finish all these reports.We have had plenty of drinks. You don't need to buy any more.It's too much noisy where I live. I'd like to move to a different neighbourhood. D.
I'm going straight to home after I finish work.He sometimes listens to classical music but he prefers jazz.I used to hate the history when…

Intermediate 1 Review (1)

1. You should never be afraid to ___ your mind.

A: tell
B: talk
C: say
D: speak

2. Look! She ___ a jacket just like yours.

A: is worn
B: wears
C: has wore
D: is wearing

3. I couldn't ___ what he was saying because of the loud music.

A: hear
B: listen to
C: understanding
D: to understand

4. John: Hey! ___ ?     Ben: Alright thanks.

A: How goes it?
B: How do you do?
C: How's it going?
D: What are you up to?

5. Have you checked ___ the Italian restaurant that he recommended?

A: down
B: out
C: up
D: through

6. I ___ the film before so I ___ some revision for the exam that I have next week.

A: saw / did
B: had seen / done
C: saw / had done
D: had seen / did

7. He ___ have a house near the sea where he spent his summer holidays.

A: used to
B: would
C: use to
D: would to

8. Rachel: I think women are better drivers than men.       Peter: I don't agree ___.

A: too much
B: for nothing
C: with it
D: at all

9. Scotland has some ___ countryside.

A: absolutely beautiful
B: very unique

Reporting verbs / nouns

Which of the following sentences (possibly more than one) are right? If they are wrong, correct them.

A: I promised that I would write to her.
B: She promised me to phone.
C: Did you promise to help him?
D: My boss promised giving me a pay rise.

A: I recommend you to see his latest film.
B: What book would you recommend that I read?
C: My colleague recommended on taking a refresher course.
D: Doctors recommend drinking a glass of red wine every day.

A: Weather forecasters are warning drivers to take extra care.
B: Parents should warn their children don't to trust strangers.
C: My boss warned to arrive on time.
D: Tourists were warned for travelling to the area.

A: If I were you, I'd apologise her.
B: He apologised for not remembering their anniversary.
C: You don't have to apologise to tell the truth.
D: My teacher apologised that he arrived late.

A: I have explained you this twice already.
B: Would you mind explaining how this thing works?
C: Can you explai…

Body words A - E

Consider the following words and expressions that contain body parts. Can you guess what they mean?

1. This suit cost me an arm and a leg.

A: It was very expensive.
B: It was a bargain.
C: I bought it in the sales.

2. I didn't want to go but Amanda twisted my arm.

A: to persuade sb to do stg they do not want to
B: to punish sb because they don't do what you ask them to do
C: to pay sb to do stg for you

3. Would you back me up if I put the suggestion to the boss?

A: to support or encourage
B: to disagree with sb
C: to try to prevent sb from doing stg

4. She wants to get her own backon her ex-partner for his cheating.

A: to take revenge on sb
B: to forget that you ever met sb
C: to forgive sb

5. Linda proves that you can be beautiful and brainy.

A: witty
B: intelligent
C: hard working

6. They expect me to work until 9pm without paying me overtime. What a cheek!

A: a surprise
B: bad behaviour
C: a pain

7. Tell me what happened. I'm all ears.

A: I have forgotten what you said.