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The Office Christmas Party


In the above video you have some dos and donts for the office Christmas party. Check out to listen to advice for all sorts of things.

Have you had your Christmas party yet? Is it something you look forward to or something you dread?
What advice would you give on how to behave at the party?

Check out your fellow passengers

KLM To Offer Mile-High Dating Via Facebook
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has taken blind-dating to new heights by launching an initiative that will allow customers to pick their seat-mates on Facebook.

The pilot programme is being praised for those people who are sick of being stuck next to crying babies or the passenger from hell - or for those simply looking for mile-high love.

The airline announced its plans to start a "meet and seat" service early next year that will link travellers' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to their check-in information.

Source: Sky News

a blind date -
to take to new heights -
to pick (your seat-mate) -
to praise -
to be sick of stg -
to be stuck next to sb -
to check stg/sb out -
to turn to sb -
a recipe for disaster -
creepy (adj) -
matchmaking -
to stalk sb -
to work out -

What to you think of the idea? Would you like to pick the person you sit next to? Or would you prefer to keep your info private?

Int - Module 7 vocab

Complete the following sentences with a suitable word.

 I think bullfighting should be b_____. It’s cruel and barbaric.I am really stressed out. I need a holiday to u_____.The Rubik’s Cube was a c____ in the early 80s.I can give you a l___ to work until you get your car back from the mechanic’s.You don’t need to leave a t__ if you are unhappy with the service.A lot of men worry about going b___ as they get older.You should always s____ hands with the interviewer at the end of the interview.Can you p___ up my suit from the dry cleaner’s when you are there?I won’t k___ you. This will just take a couple of minutes.That’s me finished -I’m o__ home. See you tomorrow.You don’t need to pay. I’d prefer to s____ the bill.You look very smart but there’s no need to d____ up for me.I’m tired. I don’t f___ l___ going out tonight. I haven’t heard from her for a___. I wonder what she is up to.News quickly s_____ about his resignation. By the end of the morning everybody knew.

Lucky black cat

Italian cat inherits €10m fortune
Tommaso, a four-year-old, one-time stray from Rome, is thought to have become the world's richest cat.

Since the death of his 94-year-old mistress last month, he has become a property magnate — or perhaps mognate — with flats and houses worth an estimated €10m scattered from Milan in the north to Calabria in the south.

In a handwritten will, signed on 26 November, 2009, Tommaso's mistress — the childless widow of a successful builder — gave her lawyers the task of identifying "the animal welfare body or association to which to leave the inheritance and the task of looking after the cat Tommaso".

Source: Guardian

a stray -
to scatter -
a will -
a widow -
welfare (n) -
in the meantime -
frail (adj) -
a trustee -
to pale by comparison -

What's the situation in Spain? Can you leave your inheritance to whoever you want? Even a pet?

A black cat in Scotland is actually good luck.
Are you superstitious? What are symbols of good or b…

Dark clouds hang over monarchy

Spanish royal family hit by fraud scandal
The once squeaky-clean Spanish royal family has become immersed in a growing fraud scandal that reveals how members of King Juan Carlos's family may have cashed in on the monarchy's good name.

At the centre of the scandal is the king's son-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin, a former Olympic-medal-winning handball player who became the Duke of Palma after marrying Juan Carlos's sporty daughter, the infanta Cristina.

Source: Guardian


squeaky-clean (adj) -

to cash in on stg -

a leak -

to struggle -

to hold on to (popularity) -

to raid / a raid -

wrongdoing (n) -

to add fuel to stg -

to backtrack -

a ticking off -

beleaguered (adj) -

to set up (a company) -

to boast -

to land a contract -

a fee -

to siphon off (money) -

the sole aim -

Has this scandal changed your opinion of the royal family?

What do you predict will happen?

Don't feel guilty about having a lie-in!

Liking a lie-in in people's genes, researchers say

People who like a lie-in may now have an excuse - it is at least partly down to their genes, according to experts.

Experts, who studied more than 10,000 people across Europe, found those with the gene ABCC9 need around 30 minutes more sleep per night than those without the gene.

Source: BBC News

sleep patterns -

to work shifts -

to run in the family -

an insight -

to unravel -

to obey -

Do you like a lie-in?

Do you set an alarm? How long do you usually need to get up? Have you ever overslept?

Int module 7 - right or wrong?

Are the following sentences right or wrong? Correct them if needed.
Could you borrow me the car for the weekend? I'll drive carefully.Would you mind to close the window? It's a bit cold in here.I'm going to relax at home this weekend. I've had a tiring week.A: Do you mind if I sit here? B: No, not at all.Do you feel like going to the theatre on Saturday evening?A: Damn! I've broken my watch. B: Let me have a look. I'm going to try to fix it.What are you doing for Christmas?It's normal for colleagues going for a drink after work.Young people tend don't to dress up when they go to the opera.Graham: I want to speak to your superior. Telefonica operator: Ok, he will call you back later today.