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End of term photos

Can you spot the difference between the two photos? :-)

Here's a recipe for tortilla I posted on the blog some time ago.

Metro stop

Strike shuts down Madrid's metro
Employees of Madrid's metro have been striking for a second day in a three-day protest against austerity measures.

After a partial strike on Monday, no metro trains wererunning on Tuesday.

More than two million people use Madrid's metro daily, and the strike caused chaos for commuters.

Trade unions in Spain have called a general strike for 29 September in protest against spending cuts and labour market reforms.

The metro workers are striking against a cut of about 5% in public sector wages that is part of a broader package of austerity measures.

The Spanish government is trying to reduce the country's budget deficit, which is currently running at more than 11% of GDP - far above the 3% limit imposed by the EU.

The strike was the first time in nearly 20 years that the entire metro system had been halted by industrial action, according to local media reports.

Madrid's regional government has warned that the failure to provide even …

Technology in sport

“Now, it’s two-one and then just a minute later, England ties it — oh, no they don’t — shades of Geoff Hurst, except its flipped on its end. Frank Lampard, that’s not a goal. This is what we’ll be talking about. That is a goal Bob. We can see it. Everybody in the stadium can see it. Everyone around the world could see it.”

Instead of tying the game between England and Germany at two, that goal was called a non-goal: One of many blown calls in the World Cup. The multitude of mistakes has many now calling for FIFA to change its policy on instant replay.

We’re analyzing coverage of the clamor for instant replay from ESPN, The New York Times, CBS Sports, and Football365.

Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, has long said, the sport can live without instant replay. FIFA did dabble with the idea in 2008, but quickly scrapped it. CBC reported that, at the time, Blatter said this:

"We have 260 million people directly involved in the game. Other sports regularly change t…

Don't mention the war

German minister rebukes press for football 'war' terms

Germany's interior minister has criticised the UK's tabloid press for referring to the war in their coverage of the England-Germany World Cup match.

The two teams are set to meet at South Africa's Bloemfontein Stadium on Sunday.

Phrases used by the papers included "jeeringjerries" and "fight".

But Thomas de Maiziere told the BBC that such journalism belonged in the past and urged Germans to ignore the provocative language.

BBC Berlin correspondent Steve Rosenberg said in the run-up to crucial England-Germany football matches, tabloid paper articles sometimes read more like despatches from the front than from a football tournament.

Among others that have attracted attention include the Daily Star's headline on Saturday which stated: "It's war - we will fight jeering Jerries on the pitches" and featured Wayne Rooney in a tin hat.

But our correspondent said the Germans have ha…

Comment mistakes

You should try to read the comments of other students and pay attention to my corrections. You can learn from the mistakes of others.

You can also enter into conversations with other students and exchange opinions with each other.

Try to find and correct the mistakes in the following sentences, They are all from comments made this month.
Our boss is really exigent. He expects us to stay behind in the office most days.I'm sorry I didn't remind your anniversary. I have been really busy and I completely forgot.Everybody know what the problem is.I hope it will be worth. A. What's the matter with him? B. He's worried to lose his job.Would you mind to close the window? It's a bit cold in here.Can you tell me what time is it?Did you get a good puntuation in the exam?I'm going to Paris next friday.Have you ever been in Berlin?A. How long are you waiting? B. at least an hour.When did you see her last time?How is the weather like in Scotland like at this time of year?If yo…

Phrasal verbs review 2

Six months have passed since the first Phrasal Verbs review.

It's about time we did another one. So here goes.

First you should review the phrasal verbs in posts since then. Do you make use of the labels?

So the phrasal verbs are the following:
to stand outto carry onto turn outto come upto blow upto go offto get away withto end upto come up withto boss aroundto stick up forto be down toto bump intoto turn upto pass away
Put the above phrasal verbs into the correct form into the following sentences:
That was the boss on the phone. Something ___. I have to go back to the office.Thanks for ___ me. You are a good friend.He was surprised when his ex ___ at the party.She is so beautiful that she ___ wherever she goes.The car ___ in a quiet neighbourhood so fortunately nobody was hurt.You'll never guess who I ___ on the way here. Kate. We talked for half an hour or so.Stop ___ me ___. I'll decide myself when I am going.Can you ___ a better idea? I've tried my best.She ___ as i…

66 year old gives birth to triplets

Multisource political news,world news, and entertainment news analysis by

"After trying for 44 years to have a baby, she and her husband decided to try in vitro fertilization. On their third attempt, they succeeded. She gave birth to two boys and a girl." (WWMT News)

At age 66, Bhateri Devi is now the mother of triplets. She conceived the children via in vitro in order to provide heirs that could take over her and her husband's land, but some critics say she is too old for the treatment.

We're analyzing coverage from WWMT,, CNN, True/Slant and Asia News International.

A writer for Gather thinks there's no way a woman nearing 70 could manage the responsibilities that come with taking care of a newborn, let alone three.

" it too old? I think so. There is a reason nature prevents it and we have no business trying to outsmart Mother Nature."

An infertility specialist at a Delhi hospital tells CNN that she wouldn't be comfortab…

Essay errors

Here are some sentences from your essays that contain one or more mistakes. Can you find them and correct them?

I have nightmares from one month ago.I walked on the streets looking for help.It is the only one thing I can do.She decided to call to the few friends that she had.She arrived to the park and she sat down in a bank for to smell the spring.... and only she had met three persons in six months.He was by far the worst person into the prison.... and when the others policemen notice my escape, I'll be in other country.He screamed and screamed but nobody listened him.Some months ago an old friend rang me up. I didn't know about he for ages.... and I met her a day after in my house.One day he told to his father that he was in love with her.Most of people who have seen it, like it.I don't like so much scary movies.In the film there are some terrified scenes.He lives every day frightened.

"A controversial dating site that promises to match attractive men and women is now entering the baby business! has launched a virtual sperm bank for its clientele, promising to create 'the perfect gene pool'." (Fox News) is raising eyebrows again in its crusade against unattractiveness. The site that promises a pool of exclusively attractive members now has a virtual sperm-and-egg bank where, for the first time, even non-members can shop around for attractive genetic donors.

We're analyzing coverage from Fox News, WCCO-TV, Sky News and PR Newswire.

It's not the first time the site's policies have been called into question; earlier this year the site expelled 5,000 of its beautiful members for gainingtoo much weight over the holidays.

In an interview with the site's managing director Greg Hodge, Fox News asks whether the site has finally crossed the line by branching into the fertility industry.



We use should to ask for and give advice:
What should I buy Caron for her birthday?Should I phone him or just send him an e-mail?You should visit the museum if you have time.You shouldn't wear jeans. They usually dress very smartly there.We can make the advice less direct by using:
I think you should apologise to him.I don't think you should accept the job.
Should + Verb means that Verb-ing is a good thing to do: something that is right or desirable (but is probably not doneat the moment).
I should phone my parents every week. (but I don't)The government should change the law. (but they haven't done it yet)I think teachersshouldget a pay rise. (but they haven't got one yet)Shouldn't + Verb means that something isn't right.
I shouldn't shout at the kids. (but I do)You shouldn't speak Spanish in class. (but you do)My boss shouldn't expect us to finish late so often. (but he does)
To express past time, use should + perfect. Again it implies that the eve…

The ABE saga continues ...

HMV remove Anyone But England gear from stores

Entertainment retailer HMV will no longer stock anti-English World Cup merchandise in its Scottish stores amid fears it could incite racial hatred.

The chain reportedly made the decision following complaints to police from the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) and members of the public.

A banner featuring the slogan ABE - Anyone But England - was removed from HMV in Kirkcaldy after a police visit.

A spokesman said it would no longer be "actively promoting" the ABE brand.

In a statement printed on its website, the CEP called the merchandise "insensitive and provocative" and said retailer Debenhams had made similar concessions following a complaint about ABE T-shirts being sold in Welsh stores.

It said: "During the last world cup, a number of racist attacks were committed in Scotland against English people and anti-English racism remains a problem whether it's a world cup year or not."

The organ…

Bill for medical treatment

Health Service patients in Spain to be told the cost of their treatment

The idea, presented to Congress on Wednesday by the Minister for Health, Trinidad Jiménez, is to build awareness about the high costs of treatments.

A so-calledinvoice in the shadows’ is to be introduced in the Spanish health service.

The news was given on Wednesday by the Minister for Health, Trinidad Jiménez, who explained that from September patients would be presented with a document outlining the real cost of the treatment that they had received. The symbolic bill will be given whether the patient has just received a prescription, x-ray or has had a stay in hospital.

It’s hoped to educate the public on the ever spiralling costs facing the health service, and to generate a more adequate use of the facilities by patients.

Under the Government’s plans already announced to reduce the state deficit, the health services across Spain’s regions will have to save some 4.6 billion €.

There has also been some talk of …

Wedding pics

Here are a few of the wedding pics. Hope it keeps someone happy. :-)

Vocabulary Practice:

All the words in green are related to weddings. Can you write a defintion for them.

eg They went to Venice for their honeymoon.

The honeymoon is the holiday you go on after your wedding.
There were over 150 guests at the wedding.The bridelooked radiant as she entered the church.The groomwas nervous as he waited at the altar.Was she having second thoughts as she walked down the aisle?They decided to get married in the Registry Office.It took him 5 years to pop the question.Everyone cheered and threw confetti as the newly-weds left the church.She was so nervous as they exchanged vowsthat she got her words mixed up.The receptionwas held in one of the best hotels in the city.He went abroad for his stag night while she had a quiet evening with friends for her hen party. The best man  gave a funny speech about their days at uni.The witnesses were a mixture of friends and relatives.

Girlfriend gets blame for defeat

Spain keeper Casillas in spotlight over girlfriend role

Spanish football fans have been speculating that goalkeeper Iker Casillas may have been distracted by his TV reporter girlfriend.

Attention focused on Casillas after Spain's shock 1-0 defeat to Switzerland in their first game of the World Cup.

His girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, once voted the world's sexiest journalist, was filming behind the goalmouth before the game.

She then conducted a post-match interview with Casillas.

The wives and girlfriends of Spanish players, known as esposas y novias (wives and girlfriends), are barred from accompanying them to the tournament.

Before the World Cup, when it was announced Carbonero would be in South Africa doing her trademark post-match interviews, she dismissed claims she would be disruptive, saying: "Can I destabilise the team? I think it's nonsense."

In Wednesday's match, Swiss midfielder Gelson Fernandes bundled the ball into Spain's goal in the 52nd…

Did Spain get too big for their football boots?

Spain beaten by Switzerland in their World Cup debut

Spanish commentators described it as the surprise of the World Cup so far, as Spain, the favourites for many, was beaten by Switzerland 0-1.

Spain had most of the possession and most of the shots on goal, but the ball never ended up in the back of the net.

The Swiss goal was a freak after chaotic scenes and confusion in front of the Spanish goal, but the Swiss remained dangerous on the break, hitting the post on a later occasion which could have made it two nil.

Fernando Torres and Navas were brought on by Vicente del Bosque to replace Silva and Busquets, but the change had little effect on the play, although Torres had a couple of chances before the goal.

More bad news for the team when Andrés Iniesta was injured about 15 minutes from the end, it seems again on his right leg, which was first injured in the friendly against Poland. He had played a great game and it seems Spain lost their structure slightly when he limped off. He was…

Men in kilts

As a build up to a pic that some of you (one in particular) are keen to see, here are a few other men in kilts.

Each tartan represents a clan. Ewan wears the MacGregor tartan and Rod wears the Stewart tartan.

The little bag worn at the front is called a sporran - the kilt doesn't have any pockets!

And for those of you to shy to ask the obvious question, these pics answer it:

Say a little prayer

Source: You Tube Key words: say prayer diana king

The moment I wake up, before I
put on my make-up
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair now
And wonderin' what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you

Forever, and ever you´ll stay in my heart
And I will love you forever and ever
We never will part and I´ll love you
Together, forever that´s how it must be
To live without you could only
mean heartbreak for me

I run for the bus dear, while
riding I think of us, dear
And say a little prayer for you
At work I just take time, and all
through my coffee break time
I say a little prayer for you


My darlin' believe me, for me
there is no one but you
Please love me too
And I´m in love with you
Answer my prayer baby
Say you love me too


Say or tell?

Are the following sentences right or wrong?
I said her that I wasn't going.She told us don't to worry.I don't have a watch. Can you say me the time please?I have already told this.  Please tell wh…

What's it like?

What is the weather like today? It's cloudy but it's warm.

With a question:

What + "to be" + subject + like (prep)?

... you are asking for a description of something or someone. It's like saying: "tell me about ...".

NB "like" isn't a verb, but a preposition.

So, What does he like? isn't the same as What is he like?

A: What does he like (to do in his spare time)? B: He likes travelling.

A: What is he like? B: He's a really nice guy but he gets impatient easily.

When the subject is a person: What is your sister like?, we are usually asking about their personality.

If we specifically want to know about their appearance, we ask: What does your sister look like?

If we want to ask about someone's health, the question is: How is she?

A: How is she? B: She's fine now. She's feeling much better.

We can use this construction to ask for descriptions about the present, past and future:

What's it like?

What was it like?

What is …

What's the question?

Use your heads and make suitable questions for these answers:
... ? I don't know. I might go out with friends.... ? No, never. This is my first time here.... ? She's quite tall and she's got fair hair and green eyes.... ? She's quite keen on playing tennis.... ? Spain. They are playing very well at the moment.... ? I was at home watching TV.... ? since I was at school.... ? ages ago. I think it was a Harry Potter film last year.... ? No, I haven't. I don't need one.... ? No thanks. I'd prefer to stay at home tonight.... ? He's really nice. He will always help you if he can.... ? I'd be a teacher.... ? Not at all. Go ahead.... ? No, I'll do it.... ? around 30 minutes. I take the car.


Try to get into the habit of using "might" to talk about possibilities. It's like saying maybe. It's also often used in conditional sentences.

A: What are you doing for your holidays this year? B: We mightgo to the States.

A: Are you going out tonight? B: No, I mightstay in for a change.

I might notgo to work tomorrow. I don't feel very well.

You might regret agreeing to do it. You should think about it carefully.

She might come with us tomorrow. Do you mind?

A: Where's David? B: He might still be at work.

Spain are very strong at the moment. They might win the World Cup.

It might not be the most exciting place in the world but I like it.

His ex-girlfriend might be coming as well tonight.

You should take an umbrella. It might be raining when you get there.

Be careful! You might fall.

He's got fair hair and blue eyes. He might be English.

If it's sunny, we mightgo to the country this weekend.

You might catch the bus if you run.

We rarely use "migh…

Come on...USA, Algeria and Slovenia!!!

What's behind Anyone But England?

As the World Cup kicks off, many football fans from the UK's celtic nations say they will support ABE - Anyone But England. Why does this inflame so much passion on both sides?

When Fabio Capello's men run out to begin their World Cup campaign in Rustenburg, their shirts gleaming in the South African evening sun, an unknown number of their fellow British citizens will be cheering. For the USA.

On June 18, the same group will support Algeria. Five days later, it will be Slovenia whom they get behind.

And if Rooney, Lampard, Terry and company make it past the group stages, these UK passport holders have a handy phrase to remind them with whom their loyalties willlie: Anyone But England.

Few subjects on football message boards generate more ire, head-shaking and mutual antipathy between the constituent nations of the union than that of ABE.

To plenty of England supporters, the phenomenon is an unseemly grudge-fuelled display of bitterness

Reported speech - questions

Change the following from direct speech to reported speech:
"Where do you come from?" she asked me."What's your teacher like?" he asked us."Do you have any brothers?" I asked him."Did you eat well last night?" she asked them."What film did you see yesterday?" I asked her."Have you ever been here before?" she asked them."Where does she work?" they asked me."How many languages can you speak?" she asked us."What are you going to do when you grow up?" the teacher asked the little boy."Are you going to finish work late tonight?" the husband asked his wife."Will you be coming to the meeting next week?" she asked her boss."What time does the train leave?" I asked the man on the platform.

World Cup controversy

World Cup 2010: Iker Casillas defends Spain's £500,000 a man win bonus
• Spain players on €600,000 bonus to win World Cup
• European champions have largest financial incentive to win

The Spain captain, Iker Casillas, has hit back at criticism over the cash bonus each player will be paid if the European champions win the World Cup in South Africa.

Reports in Spain suggest Casillas and his team-mates will each get €600,000 (almost £500,000) should they win Spain's first World Cup, the largest bonus among major contenders.

A spokeswoman for the Spanish football federation would not confirm the amount, which was negotiated with the federation by Casillas and his two vice-captains, Xavi and Carles Puyol.

"It's an issue that always comes up," Casillas said during preparations for Spain's final warm-up match against Poland in Murcia tomorrow.

"You can comment and talk, especially at this time when everyone is suffering," he added, referring to the economic c…

Google sued

A woman is suing Google, the search engine, claiming its maps function gave her walking directions that led her on to a major highway*, where she was hit by a car.

The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 (£70,000) in damages.

Lauren Rosenberg used Google Maps on January 19, 2009, via her Blackberry, to get directions between 96 Daly Street, Park City, Utah, and 1710 Prospector Avenue, Park City, Utah.

Google provided these, telling her as part of the route to walk for about half a mile along the calm-sounding Deer Valley Drive.

But Deer Valley Drive is a section of Utah State Route 224, a busy rural highway without pavements*. One stretch is blocked by a noise barrier that pushes pedestrians closer to the roadside.

And Rosenberg wasn’t warned about this, putting Google directly at fault in the accident, the case claims.

After walking on to the highway, Rosenberg was struck by a car. The driver, Patrick Harwood, is also named in the suit.

The case, Rosenberg v Harwood, was filed in Utah,…

Talk shows

This is an example of a talk show - British style.

It invites members of the public to discuss their relationship or family problems in front of an audience.

Typical titles of the show are:
My daughters won't accept their stepmother. We're having a baby - should we even be together?A one-night stand caught on CCTV? Can I trust my girlfriend?You don't deserve to be a dad.... our family is better off without you.And the typical guest on the show is:
a 20 year-old unmarried mum with 2 kids by 2 different fathers.a 25 year-old man who beats up his girlfriend and has a drug problema man, his wife and her lesbian loversomeone who has had a lifetime on benefits (unemployment, housing, invalidity ...whichever one they can claim)The guests usually shout and swear at each other, and there is a (big and tough) security man at hand for when they start to fight with one another.

You can watch the whole programme by following the link to parts two and three at the end of the first part.


New man in charge at Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho has been unveiled as the new manager of Real Madrid after signing a four-year deal at the club.

The 47-year-old replaced Chilean Manuel Pellegrini to become Real's 11th coach in the past seven years.

"I like to give myself a challenge and this is a big one," said Mourinho. "I have a lot of confidence in myself and my ability as a coach."

Sporting director Jorge Valdano said: "It's an honour to have one of the most prestigious coaches in the world."

Valdano added: "We are delighted to have him here with us. The best thing for our club right now is to have Mourinho with us."

Mourinho, once on the coaching staff at Barcelona, has moved to Spain after Real and his former club Inter Milan agreed a compensation package.

The Portuguese boss won the Champions League in his final game at Inter after his side defeated Bayern Munich to complete a historic Treble, having already retained the Serie A title and defeated Roma to lif…