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Riding nowhere

Public bike rental inauguration falls flat
Technical glitches hinder a service that Madrid City Hall had been promising since 2009
Technical glitches put a damper on the inauguration of Madrid’s public rental bike service on Monday.

The BiciMad network has 1,560 electric bicycles scattered across 123 docking stations within the city center. Yet the only bikes that actually circulated through the streets of the capital were the 70 units that the city lent reporters, cycling associations and experts for the day.

Source: El País in English Vocabulary:
to fall flat -

a glitch -

to put a damper on stg -

to scatter -

a docking station -

to purchase (v/n) -

a membership card -

to freeze (froze, frozen) -

a request (v/n) -

to award -

to run (a business) -

to slow down -

to fix -

a spokesperson -

a source -

according to sb/stg -

to deal with stg/sb -

former (adj) -

a mayor -

current (adj) -

a delay -

to push stg back -

to aim for stg -

to be anything but -

Update: Madrid's bike rental scheme hacked with po…

One reign is over, another one begins

Spain's Felipe VI promises a 'renewed monarchy' as he is sworn in as king
New monarch calls for unity and vows to 'listen and advise' as he takes over role from his father Juan Carlos
As King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia stepped out on the balcony of Madrid's royal palace, they were greeted by roaring cheers from below. The pair waved warmly; he, a multilingual royal who has spent his whole life preparing for this moment and she, a former television newsreader who local media delight in calling Spain's first middle-class queen.

"A renewed monarchy for new times," was how Felipe put it during his inaugural address as king on Thursday.

Source: Guardian Vocabulary: to swear - to be sworn in - to vow to do stg - to take over (a role) - a roar - a cheer - to wave - former (adj) - to stick to stg - a script - to uphold - to lie ahead - embattled (adj) - to bill - low-key - rather than - a guest- to catch a glimpse of sb/stg - to drape - a backdrop - unemployment…

Dutch delight v Spanish sorrow

Spain 1 Netherlands 5 match report: Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben run riot as Louis van Gaal's side thrash stunned champions
Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. It did not feel cold in the humidity of a Salvador evening but four years after losing the World Cup final to Spain, the Netherlands exacted revenge in quite stunning fashion here last night.

Outplayed for the first 44 minutes and trailing to a Xabi Alonso penalty, they came back to inflict a 5-1 hammering on the holders in which both Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben struck twice. Spain came back from an opening defeat by Switzerland in South Africa but it is hard to see how they can retain their title after a demoralising setback like this. *They had not conceded five goals in an international since 1963 and though this World Cup is still very much in its infancy, it will take a special team to bounce back after being stunned by Louis van Gaal’s team in this Group B fixture.

Source: the Independent

*They fail…

Adiós King Juan Carlos

King Juan Carlos abdicates - good, bad and ugly moments in a 40-year reign King Juan Carlos's almost 40 years on the throne have been marked by triumphs, tragedies – and some terrible trip-ups. Here is a look at some of the highs and lows in his life The high point of King Juan Carlos's reign was undoubtedly his intervention to prevent a military coup, in the shaky years after the dictator General Francisco Franco died. A group of 200 Civil Guards, under Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero, stormed into the lower house of parliament in February 1981, as the MPs were voting in a new prime minister. Source. Telegraph Vocabulary: a trip-up - a coup - shaky (adj) - to storm - to support - to demand - to dismiss - rabble-rousing - to hiss - from the sidelines - to jeer - amusement (n) - to shut up - to spawn - to undergo surgery - to injure - a hip - to plummet - hanky-panky - battered (reputation) - needless to say - a brush with controversy - to dose up - good-humoured (adj)…