Hi-tech security check

Source: BBC News

  • to place them in the tray provided
  • to work something out
  • an audible gasp
  • to unveil
  • first of all
  • to deal with
  • a laptop
  • a gimmick
  • remarkable
  • to enhance
  • compellingly
  • to wheel out
  • no matter how successful

After looking up the words above, listen to the report and answer the following questions:
  1. What all do you have to do before going through the security check?
  2. Why are the two newest members of staff called Holly and Graham?
  3. What was the reaction of the audience when they saw them for the first time? Why?
  4. Who does the reporter speak to?
  5. What are Holly and Graham doing at the airport?
  6. When are they going to start work?
  7. In what way will they make the passenger experience better?
  8. How will Holly and Graham be used in the future?
  9. How many people work in security at Luton airport?
  10. What won't they be doing in the future?

Spotlight on vocabulary:

a gimmick is something, which isn't serious or of value, that is designed to attract attention,  especially to make them buy something.
  • A: They give you free pens and notebooks when you enrol. B: It's just a gimmick.
  • A: You get free coffee and biscuits if you get your hair cut there. B: It's just a sales gimmick. I like the hairdresser's where I go, even if you don't get coffee.


Montse said…
I'm sorry, Graham. I've watched the video five times but I haven't been able to understand anything. They speak more quickly for me.
Graham said…
5 times? wow! At least you tried!

They speak TOO QUICKLY for me.

You should listen to the conversations on the BBC's Flatmates and Aprenda inglés articles. You will find them easier than this.