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Protests as anti-protest law comes into effect

Greenpeace kicks off protests before ‘gag law’ is passed tomorrow
GREENPEACE activists have kicked off the anti-gag law protest by draping a yellow banner which proclaims ‘protesting is a right’ off a crane near Spain’s parliament.
The Public Security Law ‘ley mordaza’ comes into effect tomorrow, July 1, and human rights groups and campaigners are set to protest up until midnight in Madrid.
It has generated widespread controversy, international criticism and raised issues over the freedom of expression.

Source: Olive Press
to kick off (an event, procedures) -
to gag -
to pass a law -
to drape -
a banner -
a right -
a crane -
to come into effect -
to be set to do stg -

Froilán's in the news again...

Young Spanish royal Don Froilan accused of racial abuse at theme park after trying to jump queue
A young member of the Spanish royal family has been accused of racially abusing a staff member at a theme park in Madrid, after being told that he was not allowed to jump the queue for a ride.

A nephew of King Felipe, 16-year-old Don Froilán, apparently lost his temper at the Parque de Atracciones last week, when he attempted to jump a long queue. After being challenged by a schoolteacher, Froilán is alleged to have said: “I’m fourth in line to the Spanish throne.” Source: Independent Vocabulary: a theme park - a member of (a family, staff) - to jump a queue - a ride - to lose your temper - to challenge sb - to allege - according to ... - an attendant - to shut up - to find yourself in trouble - to kick out (of a place) - to manage to do stg - indeed - to soar - to be set to do stg - to stand trial - a court - to uphold stg - a charge - to drop allegations - money laundering - dealings - to find guilty -