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Arrest the referee!

Nani Red Card: Man United Fan Dials 999
A football fan was so outraged with the referee's decision to send off Manchester United winger Nani during a Champions League clash with Real Madrid, that he dialled 999.

The 18-year-old Manchester United supporter was watching the second-leg tie at Old Trafford from his home in a village near Bingham in Nottinghamshire at around 9.20pm on Tuesday when he made the call.

He felt the moment the Reds' Portuguese midfielder was controversially shown the red card by Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir for a high challenge on Real's Alvaro Arbeloa was a crime and called police.

The fan later apologised for his actions, claiming to have been caught up in the excitement.

United, who were leading 1-0 at the time of the dismissal, were reduced to 10 men and went on to lose the tie 2-1 and exited the competition 3-2 on aggregate.

Police are now urging Nottinghamshire residents to think before they dial.

There were 6,933 recorded hoax calls to Nottin…

Words that sound the same

A homophone is a word which is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning or a different spelling or both.

The following sentences contain a homophone but with the wrong spelling. Identify and correct it.

eg. I'm saving up to by a new car.   buy 

The teacher asked the student to read the article allowed.It's not fare that I have to work Saturdays and she doesn't.Be careful of the whole in the road.I dropped the €50 note and it blue away. I had to run fast to get it.There's nun left. I had the last one. Have you got these trousers in a 32 waste?There's no weigh that we'll arrive in time.She had the lead roll in the film.Which shirt do you prefer: the plane or the patterned?The car was stationery but it should have had the warning lights on.

Now complete the following sentences with a homophone from the ten sentences above:

How much was the taxi ___?I just have a sandwich or a ___ for lunch.I wanted to sleep but the couple next to me talked the _…