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News Review 2014 (Apr - Jun)

Which of the following stories interested you most? Read at least one article and in your comment tell me any new words or expressions that you discover.

Former Madrid premier chased by police after illegally parking in Gran Vía via @el_pais
— Graham Mad Teacher (@madteacher72) abril 3, 2014

Spanish ‘Kill Jews’ village considers changing its name to drop anti-Semitic phrase
— RT (@RT_com) abril 12, 2014
Russian bear v Bearded lady

Adiós King Juan Carlos

Justice minister’s son alleged to have fled scene after crashing into several cars
— Graham Mad Teacher (@madteacher72) junio 17, 2014
Dutch delight v Spanish sorrow

North Korean cuisine to come to Scotland

Kim Jong-un 'set to open a new restaurant in SCOTLAND' The North Korean leader already has a restaurant in Holland and is hoping to branch out and build diplomatic ties with European cities
Kim Jong-un could try and open a restaurant in Scotland serving delicacies such as dog meat soup, North Korea experts claim.

This comes after the controversial leader brought his chain, The 'Pyongyang' restaurants, over to Europe by launching one in Holland.

Now North Korea watchers believe Scotland may be the next prime location, largely thanks to the popularity of whisky among the communist ruling elite.

Source: Daily Mirror Vocabulary:

to set to do stg -

to branch out -

to build ties with -

such as -

to claim -

a chain (of restaurants) -

to launch (a business) -

largely thanks to sb/stg -

left-wing (adj) -

to lean / leanings (n) -

to deal with sb/stg -

to tip (n,v) -

to spring up -

procedes (n) -

to funnell -

to prop up -

to run (a business) -

in partnership with -

a branch -

to raise (mon…

2014 News Review (Jan - Mar)

Which of the following stories interested you most? Read at least one article and in your comment tell me any new words or expressions that you discover.

BBC News - Why pro-independence Catalans envy Scotland Listen to Arturo Mas give an interview in English.
— Graham Mad Teacher (@madteacher72) enero 19, 2014
Spain's black economy booming

"Cristina me debes pasta": Spain’s Princess Cristina in court over fraud allegations @JaneDJourno reports:
— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) febrero 8, 2014
Malaysia Airlines flight to Beijing vanishes

Russia invades Crimea

Crowds flock to Spanish church after holy grail claim via @guardian
— Graham Mad Teacher (@madteacher72) marzo 31, 2014