The weather forecast

Look at the forecast for the next three days for my two homes of Inverness and Madrid; and Rome, my home for many years.

What is the weather like for the next three days?

Compare the weather in the three cities.

Wet weather Vocabulary:

It's raining.

I don't mind the rain.

Another rainy day!

It must have been raining. The streets are wet.

It's a damp day. The clothes will take ages to dry.

There was a light shower earlier but it's fine now.

There'll be scattered showers in the north of the country.

There'll be heavy rain this weekend.

It's been drizzling all day.

We haven't had a drop of rain for weeks.

It's pouring. Take your umbrella.

It's teeming rain. Let's wait until it stops.

What a downpour!

I'm soaked. I need to get out of these clothes.

I got drenched. I left my umbrella at home.

There was a lot of flooding last year causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

It's raining cats and dogs.

Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly


I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain

Dancin' in the rain
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
I'm happy again!
I'm singin' and dancin' in the rain!

I'm dancin' and singin' in the rain...
Why am I smiling
And why do I sing?
Why does September
Seem sunny as spring?
Why do I get up
Each morning and start?
Happy and head up
With joy in my heart
Why is each new task
A trifle to do?
Because I am living
A life full of you.

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Anonymous said…
I love talk about the weather! When I was in Paris, each Friday I used to send an email to my colleagues with the forecast lol

For the next three days in Madrid:

Friday will be more cloudy than Thursday.

Wednesday will be very sunny but cold.

Graham said…
Hi Majda,

I love the detail that you go into when giving the forecast for Madrid :-)

Did you have a look at the expressions? There are plenty of ways to describe the weather - the ones here are just for the rain!

I LOVE TALKING about the weather.

Friday will be CLOUDIER than Thursday.

You must love the weather forecast that follows the news on the first channel - it GOES ON FOR AGES.