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Women advised how to dress on metro

Shanghai Metro 'dress code' warning sparks debate
A Shanghai Metro microblog post urging women to ''pay attention to how you dress'' to avoid sexual harassment has sparked protests and strong reactions.
The metro operator posted a picture of a woman in a see-through dress on its Twitter-like Weibo account, saying: "It's no wonder that some people get harassed if they dress like this."

This drew criticism for discrimination and sexism from irate women.

Source: BBC News *

* Read the article and watch the video too.

to urge -

to avoid -

harassment (n) -

to spark (protests) -

it's no wonder -

to draw criticism -

a poll -

to cherish -

to set off -

a flurry of -

to decry -

to blame -

to dress scantily -

to quote -

revealing (adj) -

to point out -

coquettish (adj) -

a spokesman -

to deny -

a reminder -

to warn -

Listen to this conversationabout the controversy. You can read the transcript too.Source: 6 minute English

Psychic animals galore

Photo Source: User- Golderak (Wikipedia)
Germany's 'psychic' pets concern animal rights group
Germany has upset animal rights activists with its latest attempts to predict the outcome of Euro 2012.

Two years after the death of popular pundit Paul the octopus, a range of pets are now being deployed to "predict" which football team will win.

However, Yvonne the cow, Kasimir the alpaca and Xaver the bulldog have upset German animal rights activists.

Source: BBC News


to concern -

to upset -

an outcome -

a pundit -

a range of -

to overuse -

varying (adj) -

a degree of -

to threaten -

to take exception to -

a stripe -

for the sake of -

to make a name for yourself -

to hit the headlines -

to land a job -

a string of -

a mussel -

a string of -

to step down -

Football Vocabulary (Part 2)

Source: Jason Gulledge (Wikipedia)

Part 1

the national team -

the net -

the opposing team -

an own goal -

a penalty kick -

the penalty spot -

the pitch -

a player -

to point (to the penalty spot) -

to qualify -

(to get) a red card -

a referee / the ref -

a replay -

to score a goal -

the score -

(the football) season -

the second half -

to send a player off -

a shot (at goal) -

to shoot (at goal) -

side -

a spectator -

a stadium -

a strip -

a substitute -

a supporter -

a tackle -

to tackle -

a team -

the terrace -

a throw-in -

a ticket tout -

time-wasting -

the touch line -

a tournament -

the turnstiles -

the underdog -

(to blow) the whistle -

a winger -

a yellow card -

Have I missed anything out?

to be continued ...

Summer Vocabulary

Source: Acdx (Wikipedia)

(to go) abroad - (irse / viajar) al extranjero

(to stay in) accomodation - (alojarse en) alojamiento

barefoot / in your barefeet - descalzo

bat and ball -

a bathing suit - un bañador

a beach bar - un chiringuito

a campsite - un camping

crowded (adj) - lleno de gente, abarrotado

(to go on) a cruise - (hacer) un crucero

a deck chair - una tumbona

(to go for) a dip - (darse) un baño, mojarse, darse un chapuzón

to dive (into the pool) - zambullirse (en la piscina), tirarse de cabeza

flip-flops - chanclas

golden (sand) - (arena) dorada

to pack (your case) - hacer la maleta

(to do) the packing - hacer las maletas

a pebbled beach / pebbles -

sand - arena

a seashell - una concha

scenery - paisaje

(in the) shade - (a la) sombra

(to go) sightseeing - hacer turismo

to splash / a splash - salpicar, chapotear / un chapiteo, un salpicadura

a suitcase - una maleta

to sunbathe - tomar el sol

sunburn - quemadura de sol

sunlounger - una tumbona

(to put on) sunscreen - (poner) l…

See v look (at) v watch

Source: Petr Novak (wikipedia)
Do you know the difference between see, look at and watch?

They all talk about different ways we use our eyes.

When we say "see", we are normally talking about things we can't avoid. As soon as we open our eyes we see things:
I saw my ex-girlfriend at a party last weekend.I can't find my keys. Have you seen them anywhere?
When we say "look", we are talking about things we see with an intention, usually for a short time:
Look at the board! Can you find the mistakes in these sentences?Look! It's snowing.
When we say "watch", we are talking about things we intend to see, usually things that are moving or changing:
I didn't watch the news on TV last night. I was too busy.Are you going to watch the football match tonight?
Exception: with films we usually use "see" not "watch", as we refer to those that we have already seen or ask if we have seen a certain one.

Complete the sentences with one of the…

Honesty makes headlines

Grandfather who watched £1,000 cash blow away after he tripped outside bank stunned as kind strangers return almost every penny Onlookers - mainly teenagers and young people - began grabbing the notes and managed to collect all but £20 Grandfather says the kindness shows 'there is still some decency' in the world
Source: Daily Mail


to blow away -

a passer-by -

an onlooker -

to grab -

to trip -

to stop in your tracks -

to scramble -

to swirl -

to run off -

to head -

to hand back -

faith (n) -

in this day and age -

a labourer -

to withdraw cash -

to fall flat on your face -

grip (n) / to grip -

to clutch -

scores -

to drop -

a lad -

to chase -

a bloke -

a youngster -

a fistful -

crumpled (adj) -

lap (n) -

as far as I'm concerned -

to get stick -

Do you think the same thing would have happened here?

Do you think people are generally honest?

Cooking verbs (part 2)

See Part 1

to peel -

to pour -

to remove -

to rinse -

to roast -

to roll out -

to sauté -

to scoop out -

to season -

to serve -

to shake -

to sieve -

to simmer -

to slice -

to smoke -

to soak -

to spill -

to sprinkle -

to squeeze -

to steam -

to stew -

to stir -

to strain -

to stuff -

to thicken -

to waste -

to whisk -

to be continued ...

MOJ Intermediate revision (Modules 7 - 12)

Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. ..... the music down? I'm trying to concentrate.

     A. Would you mind to turn
     B. Could you mind turning
     C. Would you mind turning
     D. Could you mind to turn

 2. Spanish people ..... eat spicy food.

     A. tend to not
     B. tend don't to
     C. don't tend
     D. tend not to

3.  She ..... get the job. She doesn't have the right qualifications.

     A. likely not to
     B. definitely won't
     C. won't probably
     D. certainly might not

4. I ..... when I ..... from holiday.

     A. will call / get back
     B. call / will get back
     C. call / am going to get back
     D. am going to call / will get back

5. If she ..... a car, her friend ..... her up.

    A. wouldn't have / picked
    B. didn't have / would pick
    C. hadn't / would to pick
    D. wouldn't has / picks

6. Her brother ..... that he ..... a new car.

     A. said me / bought
     B. told me / had bought

Football vocabulary (Part 1)

Source: BettorSports (Youtube)key words: worst football dives

to book -

a booking -

to beat (beat, beaten)

the bench -

to concede (a goal) -

a corner -

the crossbar -

a defeat -

a defender -

defence -

a dive -

a draw -

to draw (drew, drawn) -

to dribble -

the equaliser -

extra time -

the first half -

a forward -

(to commit) a foul -

a free kick -

full-time -

a goal -

a goal kick -

a goalkeeper -

the goalpost -

half-time -

handball -

a hat trick -

a header -

injury time -

a / to kick -

kick-off -

to knock out -

(in) the lead -

a linesman -

a manager -

a match -

a midfielder -

Write the sentences that you hear:
listen to ‘Football vocabulary’ on Audioboo

Here are some other football words that have come to mind:

an anthem -

to cheer -

fair play -

a fan -

a flag -

a football field -

a game a play (of football) -

a (football) hooligan -

to miss (a penalty) -

Are there any more (from A to M) that I have forgotten?

Intermediate revision

Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentence:

 1. ..... English in Norway.

     A. Everybody speak
     B. All people speak
     C. All the people speaks
     D. Everyone speaks

 2. Where ..... your sister .....?

     A. is / born
     B. did / born
     C. was / born
     D. does / born

3. When I finish work at 6, I usually .....

     A. go to house
     B. go home
     C. go to the home
     D. go at house

 4. At first I didn't understand ..... he said.

     A. nothing
     B. none
     C. anything
     D. any

 5. I think that Australia has a high ..... .

     A. standard of life
     B. living level
     C. level of life
     D. standard of living

 6. ..... you ..... go for a beer?
     Not right now. I'm very busy.

     A. Would / like to
     B. Do / like to
     C. Would / like going
     D. Do / like

 7. There are two ..... in my department - Paula from Italy and Boris from Russia.

     A. strangers
     B. foreigners
     C. abroad people
     D. forei…

Shouldn't Spain give Olivença back to Portugal?

Olivenza (Spanish) or Olivença (Portuguese) is a town in the autonomous community of Extremadura, situated on a disputed section of the border between Portugal and Spain. Olivenza is claimed by both countries and is currently administrated by Spain.

Olivenza had been under undisputed Portuguese sovereignty since 1297 until it was occupied by the Spanish in 1801, and formally ceded by Portugal, after being invaded and defeated by Spain at the War of the Oranges, later that year by the Treaty of Badajoz.

Spain claims the "de jure" sovereignty over Olivenza on the grounds that the Treaty of Badajoz still stands and has never been revoked. Thus, the border between the two countries in the region of Olivenza should be as demarcated by that treaty. Though, the terms of the very Treaty of Badajoz undoubtedly state that if war was ever to again occur between the two countries, then the Treaty would be void. And that happened when Spain itself later invaded Portugal.

Source: …

Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Queen's message to the nation:

Source: ITNnews (You Tube) key words: queen thanks nation

Final day of celebrations:

Source: ITNnews (You Tube) key words: jubilee tuesday highlights

Charles speak at end of concert at Buckingham Palace:

Video Source: ITVnews (You Tube) key words: Prince Charles' speech jubilee concert

You can find all you need to know about the Diamond Jubilee celebrations here. Source:BBCnews

Is it adiós to Tío Pepe?

Source: Bjorn Laczay (Wikipedia)
Madrid's neon knight upstaged by new Apple store Famous Tío Pepe sign faces uncertain future as technology giant moves into building where it has stood for 75 years
One of Spain's most iconic images, the huge Tío Pepe neon sign that glows above Madrid's central Puerta del Sol square, has been shoved aside at the same time as a more recent force in global brand names – Apple – moves into the building that houses it.

The red and white neon figure of Tío Pepe, a guitar-toting sherry bottle dressed in an Andalucian-style short jacket and sombrero, has blinked at Madrid visitors for three-quarters of a century.

Source: Guardian


to upstage -

a sign -

to face (an uncertain future) -

an image -

huge (adj) -

to glow -

to shove aside -

a brand name -

guitar-toting -

to blink -

dictatorship (n) -

to loom -

coy (adj) -

a licence -

a firm -

a landmark -

iron (n) -

to gut (a building) -

a warehouse -

to be due to -

to spoil -

to go out (lights) -

a cu…