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What a surprise - Beckhams give daughter unusual name

David Beckham has posted a video on Facebook in which he describes his joy at the arrival of his first daughter with wife Victoria.

The couple has called the baby Harper Seven.

Click here to continue reading article and watch video of Beckham.

Source: Sky News

(adj) be very much in love with stg or sb - s______
a expression often used by parents to refer to their baby - a b_____ of j__
to fail to satisfy - d_________
the most important (adj) - m___
an object that creates a feeling of admiration - a w_____
a zebra is a black and white s______ animal (adj)
to e_______ - to print or decorate sth in a noticeable way
oldest child in a family (adj) - e_____
the characteristic speech of a region - a t____

Grammar Point:
"You have to be more delicate with girls than boys and I am not used to that."
The above structure: to be (not) used to + noun / verbING ...

... is used to show that you are accustomed to stg / doing stg

Read and do activities fromprevious posts on be/get u…

Scots couple win biggest ever Euromillions

A couple from Largs in Ayrshire have been named as the winners of the £161m Euromillions jackpot.

Chris Weir said she and her husband Colin were "tickled pink" when they realised they had scooped Tuesday's jackpot.

Source: BBC News

ganar / llevar - (inf)
el sorteo -
ostentoso -
no acostarse -
riqueza -
con éxito -

una ganancia inesperada -

a los pies de -

el gordo -

un paso -

Eso ocurre cuando nadie gana la lottería de una semana y el premio de la semana siguiente es más grande.

Es un verbo que significa que todos los numeros que tienes, son iguales con los numeros que han sido sorteado.

Eso significa que limitan algo, que no se puede pasar un cierto numero.

I am not sure about the translation of the last three words. Give me the word in Spanish as well as in English. At the same time, you could correct any mistakes in my Spanish.

Grammar Point:
"If the winner of Tuesday's draw had been a single player, he or she would instantly have been placed 430th in thi…