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Animal idioms (E - H)

Here are some more animals to add to the list of expressions. See also (A - D).


Source: Wikipedia (Thomas Breuer) If there was an elephant in the room,then it'd be difficult to go unnoticed. An elephant in the room is an important and obvious problem, which everyone present is aware of, but isn't discussed, as such discussion is uncomfortable.  The elephant in the room between many couples is what to do with aging parents. Many people admired his courage in addressing the elephant in the room. A white elephant, like in Spanish, is something that requires a lot of care and money and that gives little profit or enjoyment. In Spain, there are countless examples of white elephants such as The City of Arts and Sciences. Do you say "como un elefante en una cacharrería" in Spanish?? We say that someone acted "like a bull in a china shop" if they are very careless in the way that they behave or move. Fish Source: Wikipedia (Jens Petersen) Like in Spanish, you a…

Linkers for reason

The following are linking expressions that we use to give reasons for why something has occurred.

Because / because of

The difference between these two words is that because is followed by a subject + verb, and because ofis followed by a noun:
I like Madrileños becausethey are fun.I like Madrileños because of their fun-loving nature.
The flight was cancelled  becausethe air-traffic controllers were on strike.The flight was cancelled because ofthe air-traffic controllers' strike.
Be careful with it!
I chose this school because is near where I work. WRONGI chose this school becauseit is near where I work. RIGHT

Due to / owing to

Both due to (= because of) and owing to are followed by a noun. They are quite formal.
Emergency services were overwhelmed with calls due tothe severe storms.The PM resigned owing tolack of support from many of his ministers.
Due to the fact that

Due to the fact that is followed by subject + verb. It's not such a common expression.
Many businesses have closed do…