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Fathers to get equal rights

Parity in paternity and maternity leave approved by Spanish parliament 
People’s party, expected to form a minority government soon, opposes the measure saying it will significantly increase costs 
Paid paternity leave in Spain is to be increased to 16 weeks to give men parity with women, under new measures agreed by parliament.

Fathers are currentlyentitled to 13 consecutive days off work, starting two days prior to the birth, adoption or fostering of a child. This increases to 20 days if the family is large – with three or more children – or if the child is born with a disability.

Under existing arrangements, 10 weeks of maternity leave can be transferred to the father, an option taken up by less than 2% of men. Under the new law, maternity and paternity leave will not be transferable.

The proposal was put forward by the anti-austerity Podemos party on the grounds that both the Spanish constitution and European law prohibit discrimination on grounds of gender. It was passed with 173…

Ikea spoils the fun for Shanghai pensioners

Ikea bans 'illegal' blind-dating group from store cafeteria in Shanghai 
Many are divorcees or people living alone after the death of a partner 
Ikea has banned an elderlymatchmaking group from one of its restaurants in China unless it agrees to start paying up.

The Swedish retailer has told its cafeteria in Shanghai tostop anyone having a seat unless they buy food.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for years, hundreds of elderly people have flooded into the restaurant to meet friends and potential partners, according to China Daily.

Many are divorcees or people living alone after the death of a partner and the café gave them a chance to meet peersfree of charge.

Despite a 700-seat capacity the venue was often overcapacity, but since the change crowds have shrunk by as much as half.

The “no food, no seat” rule came into force following complaints that paying customers were unable to sit at a table themselves.

A noticeboard put up at the café entrance states the “illegal bli…