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Pre-Int Revision File 8

Correct the sentences that have mistakes:
A: How do you get at work?        B: I take the underground.I'm starting to get quite worried about the exam.I think you'll enjoy the film. It's worth to see in my opinion.Will you love me when I am old and grey?Maybe you should wait for a few days before deciding what to do.I'll phone you if I'll be late.I knew my wife when I came to Madrid to study.I think that you should say your sister that you are sorry.Who book is this? Is it yours?We've been to their home but they've never been to ours.I opened the door very quiet but he still heard me come in.He speaks too fastly. I often have difficulty understanding him.

What are the missing words?
I don't get ___ with my brother but I'm good friends with my sister.I started to panic when I saw the long q____ at check-in.A: It's very late. Where is he?       B: Maybe he ______ the train. Most people say I look ___ my father. We both have dark hair and blue eyes.Th…


Neymar and Hulk show solidarity with Dani Alves by eating bananas • Players lend support after racist abuse of Brazil defender
• 'We are all monkeys, we are all the same. Say no to Racism' The world of football has rallied around the Barcelona defender Dani Alves after he took a stand against racist abuse by eating a banana thrown at him during Sunday's 3-2 victory over Villarreal.

The Brazil full-back was preparing to take a corner at El Madrigal stadium when the banana landed on the pitch next to him and he responded by eating it. Having complained afterwards that "it has been the same for 11 years" since he moved to Spain, his Barça and Brazil team-mate Neymar and Manchester City's Sergio Agüero were two of the players to publish pictures on social media in solidarity.
Source: Guardian Vocabulary:

to lend support -

a defender -

to rally around -

to take a stand against stg -

to land -

a (football) pitch -

afterwards (≠ beforehand) -

to get in on the act -

to c…

Inversion of negative adverbials

Compare these three sentences:

Brazil will host the World Cup this summer and the Olympics in 2016.Brazil will host the World Cup this summer as well as (hosting) the Olympics in 2016.Not only will Brazil host the World Cup this summer but (it will) also (host) the Olympics in 2016.
The third sentence emphasizes the fact that Brazil will hold the two events. It is an example of inversion - adverbial + auxiliary + subject.

Compare the following sentences:
They don't make chocolate as good as this anywhere else.Nowhere else do they make chocolate as good as this.
We didn't see him much.We seldom saw him.Seldom did we see him.
So you can see from the examples above that we use the auxilaries do/does for Present and did for Past.

They all transmit a negative meaning.

Most of the structures are quite formal and are therefore used more often in written form.


He speaks German, French and Chinese.Not only does he speak German and French but he also speaks Chinese fluently.
She never sm…

Pre- Int Revision File 7

Correct the sentences that have mistakes:
His expressions are so funny. It is difficult not to laugh.You need study more if you want to pass the exam.I know to count to twenty in German.I hate ironing but I don't mind to do the washing up.I'd love to go to Scotland one day.You haven't to pay anything. It's all free.You must to have a coffee in Plaza Mayor when you visit Madrid.He's quite good at learning languages. To drink a glass of red wine every day is good for you.I went to the shops for buy some beer.

Each sentence has a missing word. Identify it and rewrite the sentences.

eg A: Where you from?       B: Scotland.

answer: A: Where are you from?      B: Scotland.
Have you ever had to look somebody's pet while they were on holiday?Have you decided where go on holiday yet?I didn't want to speak to my boss so I pretended to see him.This film always me cry.As as I hear this song, I feel like getting up and dancing.I found a real in the sales. These shoes…

Prepostions of Place - in, on, at.

Some students, or rather one student in particular, would like to review Prepositions of Place.

We generally use:
on for surfaces (attached to or touching the surface)at for points (exact position or location)in for enclosed spaces (inside something)
I think it's better to learn with examples:


I left my keys on the desk.
The exercise about prepositions is on page 42.
There were no chairs so I sat on the floor.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I lay on the sofa and watched a film.
Is that a cat on the roof of the building?


I think there is someone at the door. Can you answer it?
The bookshop is at the end of the road.
I'll ask the girl at the reception if she can phone us a taxi.
I always sat at the back of the class when I was at school.
He met his girlfriend at a disco.
I'm going to stay at my parents' next weekend.


My sister lives in Ireland.
I left my mobile in the car.
Look in the drawer. I think the papers are there.
Have you read wh…

Bad Hair ad upsets North Koreans

North Korean officials visit salon over Kim Jong-un 'bad hair' advert 
North Korean officials paid a visit to a London hair salon to question why it had used their leader Kim Jong-un's picture in a poster offering haircuts.

The poster in M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing featured the words "Bad Hair Day?" below the leader's picture.

Barber Karim Nabbach said embassy officials were shown the door and the salon's manager spoke to the police.

The Met Police said: "We have spoken to all parties involved and no offence has been disclosed."

The salon put up the poster on 9 April and the next day two men claiming to be officials from the North Korean embassy visited the salon and demanded to meet the manager, Mo Nabbach.

Karim Nabbach said: "We put up posters for an offer for men's hair cuts through the month of April. Obviously in the current news there has been this story that North Korean men are only allowed one haircut.

"We didn&…

Confusing words review

Are the following sentences right or wrong? Correct the ones that are wrong.
Can you speak up please? I can hardly listen you.She likes her new job. She says that her colleagues are sympathetic.He offered to help the old lady carry her shopping.Where did you know your girlfriend?I lent her some money but she hasn't paid me back yet.What time did you arrive at the hotel? How long did the travel take?I think his latest book is terrific. I really enjoyed it.I don't think Catalans are mean. It's just a topic.The politician threatened to demand the newspaper. He said that there was no truth in the story.I had an eye proof last week and the optician said I needed new glasses.He has a cold so he phoned in ill to work.I think it's a disgrace that she hasn't called to congratulate you.I'm waiting a phone call from my boss. He said he'd phone.I hope that the government isn't going to rise taxes again.

Have a look at past posts on Confusing Words if you need help.

Policeman Pursues Popular Party Politician

“The law is the same for everyone,” says Madrid mayor about Aguirre incident
Members of the governing Popular Party (PP) have been less than impressed by the behavior of former Madrid premier Esperanza Aguirre, after she fled from traffic police before they could finish giving her a ticket for parking her car in a bus lane on the capital’s Gran Vía on Thursday afternoon.

The veteran politician has strongly criticized the officers who stopped her on Thursday, accusing them of being “sexist” and claiming that all they were interested in was enabling someone to take a photo of the incident in order to make her look bad.
Source: El País in English Vocabulary:

a mayor -

behaviour -

to flee (fled, fled) -

to claim -

to enable -

in order to (= so that...) -

an incumbent -

to knock over sb/stg -

to pursue -

upon her arrival -

to be drawn on stg -

a citizen -

to turn stg around -

to back sb -

a branch -

a supporter -

to point out -

to fine -

to hand stg over -

What is your opinion on the incident?

Pre-Int Revision File 6

Correct the sentences that have mistakes:
I'm not feeling very well. I don't think I'll go to work tomorrow.A: Do you think Spain will win the World Cup?       B: I hope.I'll pay you back next week. I promise.Shall I close the window? It's getting cold.I dreamt with a plane crash last night.I was really bad of science. It was my worst subject.We've been to Edinburgh last summer. We had a great time.Sara isn't coming to class today. She is on holiday.

Each sentence has a missing word. Identify it and rewrite the sentences.
eg A: Where you from? B: Scotland.

answer: Where are you from? B: Scotland.

We're going to the countryside this weekend. I hope it rain.I him €100 a month ago. He hasn't paid me back yet.I didn't like the trousers so I took back to the shop.If you don't study hard, you will the exam.Cheer. You'll pass your driving test the next time.They say that a glass of red wine a day is good you.Is it expensive rent a car in S…

April Fools' Day

Some of you may know that it is April Fool's Day in the UK. It's much the same as El Dia de los inocentes in Spain.

In most newspapers you will find an article that is designed to fool people.

Here is a selection of made-up stories that appeared in today's newspapers:

Scotland to switch to driving on the right if independence given green lightSource: The Guardian

Scot-free! Union Jack gets a Yes vote makeover: Secret Government papers reveal how flag will look if Scotland votes for IndependenceSource: Daily Mail

Exclusive: UN draws up peacekeeping plans in event of Scottish Yes voteSource: Independent

Kim Jong-un BANS One Direction from entering North Korea - unless they get their hair cutSource: Daily Mirror

Appetite for selfie-destruction: British government plans to ban selfiesSource: Metro

There are also stories that at first glance look like April Fools' stories but turn out to be true:

April Fools Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren'tSource: BBC News