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Another stressful flight

I got back to Madrid last week. For the umpteenth time, I missed a connecting flight through no fault of my own. Here is the e-mail that I wrote to the airline:

Dear Sirs,

My first flight (0700 **th Aug EZY*** INV-LGW) was delayed for around 6 hours, which meant I missed my connecting flight.

That rearranged flight (1710 **th Aug EZY*** LGW-MAD) was delayed by a further 2 hours.

All this resulted in a very long and stressful day.

I have been informed about my rights to compensation and I would like the matter to be resolved promptly.

Over the years, I have missed many connections flying with Easyjet and I have never received any compensation for any of the ordeals.

Another upsetting thing occurred when checking in my case at Gatwick.

My suitcase was 22kg while I carried lighter, more fragile objects in my hand luggage. At the Bag Drop in Inverness,  they attached a "heavy" label to the case.

At the Bag Drop in LGW, a member of staff who is supposedly there to help customer…

Victory at last for noise-afflicted neighbours

Family wins 16-year fight against noisy bar
In a case of the wheels of justice barely turning at all, a family in Spain's Valencia region have finally won their battle to have an unlicensed social club in their building shut down.
The frustrated family from Meliana waited the best part of two decades to see the dispute with their noisy neighbours resolved, El País reports.

Their problems first started in 1998 when they moved into a building into the small town. That very year, one of the clubs involved in the organization of Valencia’s world-famous Las Fallas festival moved into the building. Source: Vocabulary:

barely (adv) -

to shut down -

the best part of (+ length of time) -

a dispute -

that very (+ day, month, year) -

at first -

to realise -

throughout -

to lodge (a complaint) -

to complain / a complaint -

toing and froing -

the upshot of stg -

premises (n) -

to fail to do stg -

despite (linker) -

a request -

lack (n) -

a matter -

to reject stg -

a claim (n,v) -

to find in sb&#…

also, too, as well, either

We use also, too and as well to add extra information.


It is used more in writing than in speaking.

Like other adverbs, it is usually found before the main verb but after the verb "to be".
He took up padel last year. He also plays tennis and rugby.I'm off work the last week of August. I am also on holiday the first fortnight in September.My sister's been to Brazil. She's also been to Chile.Be sure to visit the Louvre. You should also go on a boat ride down the Seine.
We sometimes use it at the start of a sentence to emphasize what follows or to add a new point or topic.  
You need to write the date at the top. Also, put your signature at the bottom of each page.We can talk about your ideas next week. Also, we should agree on a price.


We usually put it at the end of the clause.
He plays tennis and rugby too.I am on holiday the first fortnight in September too.She has been to Chile too.You should go on a boat ride down the Seine too.
It can be used after th…