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-ing Crossword

All the solutions are followed by the -ing form.

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No more spots, zapping or managers ...

Spain launches campaign to stop English 'invasion' 
The Royal Spanish Academy is fighting against the anglicization of Spanish with a new campaign.
 The Spanish language has, over the past few years, been soaking up more and more anglicisms – from slang words to business vocabulary – these days many sentences in Spanish are peppered witha good dose of English… much to the distaste of the academy responsible foroverseeing the Spanish language.

 The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is so disgruntled by the wave of English words being used in Spanish that it has launched a campaign to fight against this so-called "invasion".

 The campaign, called 'There’s only one mother tongue', features two fake adverts, full of anglicisms, which plays on the fact that many Spaniards do not actually understand the real meaning of the English words "invading" the Spanish language.

 The video promoting the campaign begins with with the line "English is invading advert…

... but they will never take our FREEDOM!

Barcelona fans to waveSaltires at cup final after Spain bans Catalan flag 
Fans of Barcelona will fly Saltires at the Spanish cup final after being banned from displaying a pro-independence Catalan flag.

Supporters of the current La Liga champions have been warned by police in Madrid - where the game takes place on Sunday - that their traditional symbol, the Estelada, is "inflammatory". Police have even said they will search fans as they enter the ground.

So activists have decided to carry Scottish flags instead as a protest. "They can take our flags but they can never take our freedom," says a social media campaign launched on Friday. Campaigners hope to distribute 10,000 Scottish flags to fans attending the game.

The Estelada is not the official flag of Catalonia, which is simply made up of yellow and red stripes.  The Estelada has an extra blue triangle with a white corner superimposed on the simple Catalan flag and is carried by supporters of independence for t…

Cristoforo Colombo letter back in Italy

Stolen Columbus letter about discovery of new world returned to Italy
Original copy of explorer’s 1493 letter was found in US Library of Congress, with the one held in Florence proved to be a forgery

A rare copy of a letter written by Christopher Columbus in 1493 that was stolen from a library in Florence has been returned to Italy after US investigators discovered it was in the collection of the Library of Congress.

The return of the letter, which had been sent to the king and queen of Spain, describing the Italian explorer’s first impressions of the new world, washailed by US and Italian officials.

But the mystery of how it ended up in the Library of Congress afterbeing sold at auction at Christie’s in the early 90s is still being investigated by the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

The letter had been stolen from Florence’s Riccardiana library and replaced with a forgery that no one noticed until US law enforcement officials received a tip in 2012 f…

Make or do?

Translate the following sentences. They all contain expressions with the verbs make and do.


He hecho cambios en el documento.Ha sido un placer hacer negocios con usted.El año pasado la empresa obtuvo un beneficio de diez millones de euros.Me puedes hacer un favor?Asegúrate que la puerta está cerrada.

B. No se me dio mal para ser la primera vez.Me molesté tanto que decidí hacer una reclamación.Haces mucho ejercicio?Es solo un poco de tos. No montes un número. Estoy bien.Lo pillaron conduciendo a 70km/h en una zona residencial.

C. Mi jefa me dio las gracias por hacer un gran trabajo.Haré lo posible por llegar a tiempo.Voy a hacer un curso de buceo. .No estuvo de más preguntar una segunda vez.Qué desastre su decoración del salón.

D. Sólo tengo que hacer una llamada rápidaEstá muy nervioso con la charla que tiene que dar..Puedo hacer una sugerencia? Qué tal si nos reunimos el viernes?Creo que daría lo mismo que vengas o no.Quién te ha peinado? Me gusta mucho.