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Christmas Vocabulary (Part 2)

Source: Wikipedia

the Nativity -

a nativity play -

a nativity scene -

New Year's Day -

New Year's Eve -

a pantomime -

reindeer -

(New Year) resolutions -

Scrooge -

Season's Greetings

a shepherd -

a sleigh -

stuffing -

the three wise men -

tinsel -

turkey -

Twelfth Night -

to (un)wrap -

wrapping paper

a wreath -

FCE Mistakes

Only two of the following sentences are correct. Can you correct the others?
I never came to class the last week. What did I miss?She's thinking to look for a new job. She isn't happy where she is.I feel much quieter now that the interview is over. I was so nervous before it.Do you know who will be our new teacher?I don't know where are the keys. I hope I haven't lost them.I think is the best film I've seen this year.A: Did you enjoy the party?       B: Yeah, I liked a lot. I met some interesting people.I'm so nervous. I have to make a presentation tomorrow and the boss will be there.I don't like phoning him when he is in the job.Do you know to change the wheel of a car?A: What does she do for a living?          B: I think she works as a lawyer.A: What's it about?          B: It's a moving story about a couple who fall in love during the war.

Christmas Vocabulary (Part 1)

Source:Yatharth (Wikipedia)

a bauble -

bells -

Boxing Day -

a candle -

a chimney -

(Christmas) cards -

(Christmas) carols -

Christmas cake -

Christmas Day -

Christmas Eve -

a Christmas hamper -

Christmas lights -

Christmas pudding

a Christmas tree -

a cracker -

a crib -

decorations -

a donkey -

elves -

Epiphany -

Father Christmas -

a fireplace -

fireworks -


gold -

goodwill -

Hogmanay -

holly -

jolly -

a manger -

Merry Christmas -

Midnight Mass -

mistletoe -

myrrh -

Elephant poo coffee

Source: Associated Press (You Tube)

One lump or poo: World's most expensive coffee at £30 a cup made using beans digested and, er, flavoured by elephants
Black Ivory is produced in northern Thailand costing $1,100 (£685) per kg Elephants are fed the coffee and beans are taken from the dungUnique coffee only sold in Thailand, the Maldives and Abu Dhabi

Forget robusta and arabica - this is the world's most expensive coffee, given its unique flavour elephant's digestive tract.

The thought of a coffee bean passing through an elephant's internal organs might not leave coffee-lovers overly enthused.

But the unique coffee, created in the hills of northern Thailand, is now the world's most expensive variety.

The elephant dung coffee is created when the animals have eaten and digested the beans, with a gut reaction inside the animals said to be responsible for the unique flavouring.

Attendants scurry to collect the huge animals' dung, before forensical…

Driving / Cars Vocab (Part 2)

Source: Sarah777 (Wikipedia)

It's a "puente" for some this weekend and many people will be driving somewhere.

I wonder how many times I've been asked how to say "puente" in English.

un día festivo = a holiday

If the holiday lands on a Friday or a Monday, then we can say it's a "long weekend".

If, like now, the holiday is on a Thursday, we can take Friday off. Otherwise, it's a normal, working day.

So really "puente" doesn't exist in English - we just "have a day off".

Here is A - M (Part 2). You can also refresh your memory by reading Part 1.

to accelerate -

the accelerator -

an accident -

an airbag -

the back seat -

a back seat driver -

a bicycle lane -

the bonnet -

the boot -

to brake -

the brakes -

to break down -

the bumper -

a car park -

the clutch -

a dent -

double parked -

the engine -

the fast lane -

to fill up (the car) -

a flat tyre -

gas (US) -

the gears -

gridlock -

the hard shoulder -

headlights -

a hig…

Adverbs of manner

Adverbs of manner tell how stg is done.

Most adverbs of manner end in -ly.

Notice the change from adjective to adverb:

She's a careful driver.                                     She drives carefully. (How does she drive?)

Her Spanish is perfect.                                   She speaks Spanish perfectly. (How does she speak?)

It was an easy win.                                         They won easily. (How did they win?)

Some -ly words are in fact adjectives:

That was a silly mistake.

We had a lovely time.

He's a friendly guy.

There are, as always, exceptions to the rule.

Your English is good.                                        He speaks English well.

He is a fast walker.                                            He walksfast.

She's a hard worker.                                         She workshard.

I had a late night.                                               I got homelate.

I have an early start tomorrow.                          I have to get upearly tom…

FCE mistakes

Only two of the following sentences are correct. Can you correct the others?
I borned in Valencia. We moved to Madrid when I was about six.I am interested in collecting stamps since I was a teenager.He studied medicine in the university.I started work in a law firm not long after I finished my career.How long do you know your boyfriend?She hopes to work abroad for one or two years.I need to improve my English for getting a better job.I'm doing the FCE because is a useful qualification to have.They've been married since over ten years.We've got the same teacher like last year.I didn't understand nothing. Can you say that again?What does he do in his spare time?