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Question dictation

Listen to the ten questions. Then listen again, pause between each one and write them down. Repeat as often as necessary. Finally answer the 10 questions.

Revision - Intermediate

Correct the sentences if they are wrong.
I am going on holiday on September this year.I'm sorry. I didn't understand. Can you say me again please?We were thinking of going to Thailand but at the end we decided to go to the USA.He wants that I start work at 9 tomorrow.A: How is Scotland like? B: It's an amazing country with some beautiful scenery.I had a great time but I didn't like the hot.What time did you get to home last night?A: He's never been to London. B: Neither I have.A: I love cooking. B: Do you? I thought you hated it.Mark works a lot, doesn't he?
Complete the sentences with a word.
A: What are you going to do with your day off tomorrow? B: I'm so tired that I'm going to have a long l__-__.I try to escape the stresses of Madrid now and a____. A: How long has he been u_________? B: He hasn't worked since 2009.Maybe we should postpone the journey. I heard a weather w______ on the radio that said the snow would make driving conditions very dang…

The Basque Country - some welcome news

Basque group Eta says armed campaign is over
The Basque separatist group Eta says it has called a "definitive cessation" to its campaign of bombings and shootings.

In a statement provided to the BBC, Eta called on the Spanish and French governments to respond with "a process of direct dialogue".

The declaration, if followed through, would bring an end to Eta's campaign of violence, which has lasted more than 40 years and killed more than 800 people.

Source: BBC News


to follow stg through:
on behalf of sb:
to weaken:
a crackdown:
to lay down arms:
widely (anticipated, considered):
to carry out (an attack):
a ceasefire:
a truce:
to jail sb:

What do you see happening next?
Listen to this report on the news (

We invented football - then why are we no good at it?

Scottish football 'more than 500 years old'
"Organised" football was being played in castle courtyards in Scotland more than 500 years ago, experts have found.
Documents show a set of accounts from the court of King James IV indicating he paid two shillings for a bag of "fut ballis" in April 1497.

The world's oldest surviving football dates back to 1540 and was found behind panelling in Stirling Castle.

Source: BBC News

a courtyard -

to date back to -
a set of accounts -
a shilling -

rather than ... -

to flee (fled, fled) -

amusement (n) -

foul play -

bad tempered (adj) -

to lead to stg -

a clash -

a threat -

Poll (2)

Which is the most difficult for you?

A: Pronunciation (20%)

B: Writing (20%)

C: Grammar (0%)

D: Listening (60%)

I think it would be a good idea to keep a note of  all the words that are difficult to pronounce, just as you do with new vocabulary.

Try to read aloud. This might seem silly but it can help with your pronunciation.

Very few people like writing in English, but it can help you improve your grammar and vocabulary at the same time. The blog gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your writing skills.

Students tend to worry too much about grammar and this can impede their speaking skills.

The more that you listen to things in English, the easier it gets. Honest.

Check out the links in the blog to websites which can help you improve all four skills.

Which sentence(s) is / are wrong?

A: I don't have time enough. 5 (100%)

B: They are too much noisy. (80%)

C: I think she has much money. (40%)

D: We have quite a lot of friends. (0%)

The only grammatically correct senten…

No more long bank holiday weekends?

Spanish Businessmen call for an end to the 'Puente' long weekend
The CEOE employers organisations wants midweek fiestas to be moved to Monday or Friday
Spanish businessmen from the employers’ organisation CEOE have come up with an idea to improve the country’s productivity. They want to eliminate any fiestas or bank holidays which fall during the week so that the famous custom of forming ‘Puente’ or ‘Acueducto’ extra long bank holiday weekends can be ended.

Source: typicallyspanish

What do you think of this idea?
Do you think any government will dare to implement it?
What do you think people's reaction will be?

Here is a longer article in El País that presents arguements for and against keeping the "puentes".

The wedding of the year

Spain's Duchess of Alba remarries at 85 in Seville
The Duchess of Alba, one of Spain's richest and most flamboyant women, has got married again at the age of 85 to a civil servant 24 years her junior.

The aristocrat married Alfonso Diez Carabantes at a palace in Seville, emerging to throw her wedding bouquet into the crowd and dance flamenco.

Source: BBC News



la multitud:

una faja:



un invitado:

la novia:

una boda:



hasta (un número):


enfrentarse a:


dar un paso atrás:


renunciar a:

según se informa:

no tener nada que ver con algo:

con tal de que / siempre que:

Duchess of Alba marries toyboy(Daily Mail)

Duchess of Alba wedding - 10 must know facts(Telegraph)

What is your opinion about the marriage?

Do you think they married for love?

Do you know any other "oldies" who have got married?