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Puzzling prepositions

Choose a preposition to complete the following sentences.
I'm not good ___ remembering names.     - / FOR / ATToo much caffeine is bad ___ you.     TO / FOR / ONAre you afraid ___ heights?     OF / IN / TOWho is he married ___?     WITH / TO / -Our boss is going to marry ___ his personal assistant.     WITH / TO / -She's worried ___ her financial situation.     FOR / ABOUT / INHe didn't look pleased ___ see me.     TO / FOR / ATI was shocked ___ what I saw.     IN / BY / FORWhat are you looking ___?     TO / - / ATWhat do you think ___ our new colleague?     TO / OF / INHave you ever thought ___ moving house?     ABOUT / TO / INHe arrived ___ work half an hour late.     - / AT / TOMy teacher isn't easy ___ understand at times.      IN / FOR / TOI am fed up ___ my job.      TO / WITH / BYShe was wearing the same dress ___ my wife.     LIKE / THAN / ASI am not responsible ___ this mess.     BY / TO / FORI rely ___ the train to get to work.     ON / TO / OFI got there ea…

Body idioms (F & H)

Match the following expressions to their definitions. Then make some examples of your own with them.

I can't face going to work tomorrow. The boss has called a meeting for first thing in the morning.I stayed out all night drinking with my friends. When I got home, I had to face the music from my wife.Let's face it, we both know that this relationship is going nowhere.He was going to change career but he got cold feet.She eventually found a job with an international firm. She always manages to land on her feet.I've put my foot in it again. I asked Sarah where her husband was. I didn't realize that they had broken up.You should put your foot down otherwise your boss will think that he can call you whenever he wants.I knew there was something wrong but I couldn't put my finger onwhatit was.I was all fingers and thumbs and I dropped the ipad.At the end of a difficult week she went out with her friends and let her hair down.The party started to get out of handand some of…

FCE / CAE Open Cloze Text

Complete the following text with a suitable word.
Inequality between rich and poor has hit record highs, OECD warnsIn Spain, 18% of the population lives below poverty line, twice as many as before the crisis
Inequality between the rich and the poor has reached (1) highest level in certain countries since the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) began keeping records 30 years ago.

The crisis has widened this gap in economies (2) as Spain’s, (3) to, among other factors, higher taxation and social spending cuts.

A new report entitled In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All shows that “wealth is even more concentrated at the top (4) income, exacerbating the overall disadvantage of low-income households.” The study is based (5) data from the 34 countries that (6) up the OECD, which is an international economic organization aimed (7) stimulating economic progress and world trade. Among the 34 members are 21 of the 28 European Union states, as (8) as the US, …