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Job v work

What's the difference between job and work?

Work is a both a verb and anoun (uncountable) whereas job is used as a noun (countable):
I don't have much work this week.  He has a lot of work at the moment. He has a lot of works at the moment.She has two jobs. She is a travel agent and she also works as a waitress at weekends.He's a lawyer. He has a well-paid jobin a multi-national. He has a well-paid work.
We say go to work, start work and finish work:
I go to work by underground. I go to my job by underground.She starts work at eight on Fridays. She starts her job at eight on Fridays.
Job is more specific than work. Job refers to your particular employment position such as a teacher, lawyer, shop assistant and so on.
I like my job; I'm a journalist.       My job is a journalist.I'm looking for a new job (= a new position).       I'm looking for new work.John has found a job as an accountant for a clothes company.What's his job? = What does he do?
We use work (v) …

Top feel-good song

Mathematical formula finds the number one song to listen to 'if you wanna have a good time'

A mathematical formula has been created to discover the number one song that will really make you happy - and it's not by Pharrell Williams.

Queen's hit, Don't Stop Me Now, topped the charts after expert in cognitive neuroscience and emotion, Dr Jacob Jolij, sifted through 126 songs from the last 50 years.

He then combined the songs with feedback from Brits to analyse why certain tunes make people happy and even developed a mind bending equation to go along with it.

The formula is as follows - FGI= ?L postivie / (BPM-150) +(K-[1/3+?,1/3,1/3-?])+1.

Source: Daily Mirror Vocabulary: to top (the charts) - to sift through stg - feedback (n) - a tune - to make stg happen - mind bending (adj) - to go along with stg (= to accompany) - to be as follows - a boffin - a brand - to team up with sb - to lift (your mood) - mood (n) / to be in a bad/good mood - research (unc n, v) - to be (most, lea…

Toro de la Vega - a national disgrace!

Spanish town holds bull-spearing festival despite protests
A fighting bull was speared to death in central Spain on Tuesday as the town of Tordesillas continued a 500-year-old tradition despite clashes between participants and animal rights campaigners.

Protesters have vowed to end the "Toro de la Vega" bullfighting event, where hunters on horseback and on foot chase a bull through a pine forest before killing it with spears.
Around 100 people staged a sit-in along the route the bull was due to run. There were scuffles and fist fights between the protesters and supporters of the event, who view it as a pure battle between man and beast, pointing to strict rules on how the bull can be killed. Source: Daily Telegraph Vocabulary: to hold (an event) - a spear (n,v) - a clash - to vow to do stg - on horseback - to chase - to stage - a sit-in - to be due to do stg - a scuffle - a fist fight - a supporter - to point to stg - a wound - to beat (beat, beat /bet/, beaten) - to stab - a thr…