Intermediate Revision

Write the questions for the following answers:
  1. ....? Yes, I have. Two brothers and a sister.
  2. ....? A suit and tie.
  3. ....? I either go to see a film or I invite some friends for dinner.
  4. ....? No, the Scottish are much friendlier than the English.
  5. ....? No, never but I'd like to go.
  6. ....? Zaragoza, but I grew up in Madrid.
  7. ....? Two years ago. I need a holiday this year.
  8. ....? since we were at university.
  9. ....? for about 10 years. She got divorced 2 years ago.
  10. ....? No, I'd prefer you didn't.
  11. ....? She's quite tall with long, dark hair.
  12. ....? Yes, but I don't like it anymore. Infact, I hate it.
  13. ....? No, thanks. I've just had one.
  14. ....? I think I'd run away as fast as I could.
  15. ....? He's really nice. He's the best boss I've ever had.

Are the following sentences right or wrong? Correct any mistakes.
  1. A. I've got a terrible headache. B. I'm sorry, I haven't an aspirin.
  2. He spends a lot of time playing football but he's not very good at it.
  3. They've never gone abroad. They always have their holidays along the Spanish coast.
  4. She's really into jogging. She goes jogging every morning before she goes to work.
  5. We are living in this house since last July.
  6. I used to be a salesman. I worked for an insurance company for 10 years.
  7. What are you doing for your summer holidays?
  8. I think you should to tell your friend how you feel.
  9. She doesn't look like 50. I think she's much younger than that.
  10. We stayed in the same hotel that last year.
  11. A: Where's Graham? B: He must have forgotten about the class.
  12. If I were you, I'd try to look for a different job.
  13. A: How do you do? B: I feel a bit better, thanks.
  14. A: Sorry, I'm late. Have you been waiting long? B: I was late too. I arrived just 5 minutes ago.
  15. The children were frightening because the dog was barking.

Complete the sentence with the correct word.
  1. Modern technology makes it easier to keep in t____ with friends who live far away.
  2. He's never been very k___ on sport. He prefers reading or going to the theatre.
  3. They had a very strict u_________. Their parents didn't allow them to stay out after 8.
  4. They were e______ for 3 years before they got married.
  5. She has an o______ personality. She loves meeting new people and having fun.
  6. Remember to s_____ hands with everyone when the interview is finished.
  7. He is so s________. He never admits he is wrong even when it is obvious he is.
  8. Let me ask about your language s_____ now. What is your current level of English?
  9. He g________ with a first class honours degree in engineering.
  10. Meeting my colleague in a restaurant in Paris was a r_________ coincidence.
  11. I have a really s___ throat. I can hardly speak.
  12. She got 75%. He did s_______ better - he got 78%.

Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

     1. The ____ person sleeps about seven hours a night.

         A.  middle          B.  most
         C.  average         D.  half

     2. Husband: Do you think I ____ my father? Wife: You aren't as talkative as he is.

         A. like               B. look like
         C. take after      D. take before

     3. I have had a really ____ day. I need to relax now.

         A. stressed        B. stressful
         C. stress            D. stressing

     4. I don't understand why they ____. I thought they made a nice couple.

         A. split up           B. broke away
         C. broke down    D. split off

     5.  It was difficult at first but now I ____ on the left.

        A. am use to driving       B. am used to driving
        C. used to drive              D. don't usually driving

     6. I am really ____ away this weekend.

         A. look for to go             B. looking forward to going
         C. look forward to go     D. looking for to going

     7. I really hate long ____ by car.

         A. journeys          B. travels
         C. trips                 D. driving

      8. I'm so ____ this job. I should try doing something different.

        A. fond of                B. boring of
        C. tired at                D. fed up with


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Montse said…
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Graham said…

Can you wait another bit for the answers?

I'm waiting on Alida to send me her answers too.
Graham said…
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Graham said…

8. Let me ask about your language SKILLS now. What is your current level of English?

10. Meeting my colleague in a restaurant in Paris was a REMARKABLE coincidence.

3. I have had a really STRESSFUL day.

Very well done!