Advanced revision

Are the following sentence right or wrong? Correct those that are wrong.

1.  My car has broken down again. It's high time to buy a new one.

2.  I wish I would never started watching this film.

3.  I regret not to go to university. It's much more difficult to find a job without a degree.

4.  I would have forgotten if you wouldn't have reminded me.

5.  We have met before, don't we?

6. He use to play football with his colleagues on a Friday evening.

7.  Would you mind to keep your voices down, please?

8.  Could you tell me which platform does the train leave from?

9.  I wish she wouldn't tell off me in front of everyone.

10.  My teacher suggested me to read this book.

11. I don't think I'd ever be used to live in a noisy neighbourhood.

12. She apologized to everyone in causing so much worry.

Choose A B C or D to complete the following sentences.

13. I must get _____ to phoning her. I haven't heard from her for ages.

A. over               B. up
C. round             D. forward

14. She ____ ____ politics because she wanted to change things.

A. got into          B. came through
C. kept up          D. put off

15. My mind has gone ______. What was I saying?

A. white           B. black
C. blank           D. out

16. Whenever I drive up a hill, the car just ______.

A. jams            B. stalls
C. turns out     D. falls behind

17.  I haven't seen you for ages. What have you been _____ ?

A. into          B. through
C. off            D. up to

18. She's decided to hand in her _____ and start studying for a different career.

A. notice       B. leave
C. note          D. wage slip

19. The _____ at the election was higher than expected.

A. outcome     B. turnover
C. turnout       D. output

20. For a moment I thought he was being serious but then he _____ at me.

A. winked        B. beckoned
C. frowned       D. clenched

21. OK. I'm ____. See you tomorrow.

A. up               B. out
C. down          D. off

22. I get really stressed ____ when I have to drive on the motorways.

A. up             B. out
C. down        D. off

23. The weather might be a bit _____ at this time of year.

A. blunt         B. dodgy
C. uneasy      D. dizzy

24. She just rang me out of the ____. I hadn't heard from her for years.

A. black        B. red
C. blue          D. pink

25. If you'll just _____ with me a moment. I'll see if I can find his number.

A. stand       B. hold
C. cross       D. bear

Complete the following sentences with a suitable word.

26. I don't know the exact figure o______, but it is contained in the report.

27. The day after the explosion the death t___ had risen to 15.

28. It's not the best of jobs but it will do for the time b_____.

29. I'm just p_______ out to the shops to get some bread and milk.

30. What should I take with me clothes-w___? Will I need a jacket?

31. It was really annoying. She kept on b______ in with irrelevant comments.

32. No one has o____ up to stealing the money.

33. That was an o__________ performance; possibly one of his best.

34. She p______ with him to forgive her but he couldn't.

35. The advantages of moving there far o_______ the disadvantages.

36. He's so s_____; he will never buy a round of drinks.

37. Train f____ have gone up again. It's outrageous.

38. She was having such a good time that she was r________ to leave.

39. I am absolutely d________ the evening with her parents. I feel sick at the thought.

40. The evening t_____ o__ to be better than I had thought.

41. Bob's ticket cost much less than mine; I think I've been r_____ o__.

42. He was s________ when he heard the dreadful news. He'll need a long time to get over it.

43. We got there just in the n___ of time. We'd have missed it, had we arrived any later.

44. What time do you m___ it? He should be here by now.

45. She couldn't believe that she had won; she just sat there, f____________.

 Complete the following sentences with the verb in brackets in the correct form.

46. If I had seen the movie, I _________ (feel) scared stiff too.

47. Try _________ (not worry). Things will turn out fine in the end.

48. The exam ________ (aux + be) very difficult. He got full marks.

49. He ________ (have) curly hair but now he is almost bald.

50. It's time _______ (get) a new job. I'm fed up with the one I've got.


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