Conditonal dictation

Here are six sentences that use either the first or second conditional. Write the sentences that you hear. Use the pause button and listen as many times as you like.


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. You look really well talking like a dog. I like this gadget. Well, this is what I have been able to understand.
1. What would you do if you didn’t have a mobile?
2. What time will you get up if you don’t have to work tomorrow?
3. If you asked her nicely she’d lend you the money
4. If you don’t harry up we’ll be late
5. If I could remember her name I’d talk to her
6. If I don’t see you this evening I’ll see you on Friday
Graham said…
100% Montse.

I'll have to make it more challenging next time.

Just remember that if the conditional sentence starts with "if", them the two clause are sepaated by a comma.

When "if" is in the middle, no comma.

And it is HURRY UP. I gave the example of "Harry Potter" in class to show the difference in pronunciation.
Anonymous said…
Hi! It's a good way to practise conditional

Graham said…
Hi Majda,

I'll try to create more dictations.

Have you checked out all the posts on conditionals and tried the exercises under Grammar?

Have a good weekend!