Bloody scenes in Plaça de Catalunya

Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up

Violence breaks out around Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya, the first trouble after 12 days of protests

Source: Guardian


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Anonymous said…
Hi Graham !!

I´m Felix.

The other day, I listened that football is the opium of the citizens. It´s increible that people make this kind of things celebrating something good.

See you
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,

done this one and that of the lyon.

See you later,
Graham said…
Hi Felix,

I hope that you will continue with the blog even though it seems Monday really was our last class.

I HEARD that football is the opium of the citizens. It´s INCREDIBLE that people DO this kind of THING celebrating something good.

I didn't hear what happened after the match. Was there any trouble? Did they congregate in the Plaça as is customary after a win?

These bloody scenes in the video only involved the police and the "indignats"
Graham said…
Hi Ángel,

Try to do any work on the blog more than half an hour before coming to class! lol