Were you one of the "2 billion"?

Just as the royal newlyweds finished their vows, Internet records burst. Now, tech experts say the event was the perfect example of the future of online viewing.

According to CNN, the abundance in Internet traffic makes the wedding the sixth biggest event in Internet history. Even bigger than President Obama’s election night. (Video from ITN)

“Global Internet traffic on news-focused websites peaked at 5.3 million page views per minute at about 8:30 a.m. ET on Friday … Will and Kate did beat out President Obama's election in November 2008, which got 4.3 million page views per minute.”

Although the wedding didn’t break the overall page views record, GigaOM reports the wedding did break the live-streaming record. The web hosting company...

“Akamai said it saw a peak of 2.9 million simultaneous streams (live and on-demand) across its network during the event … nearly double the previous record 1.6 million streams it served for 24 broadcasters during last year’s World Cup.”

A writer for Mashable points out the importance of online video streaming and social networking use during the wedding -- a sign that more viewers are using multiple platforms at once.

ABC News Digital executive producer Andrew Morse tells Mashable,

“‘What we’ve come to realize more and more through major events … is that the two-screen experience is becoming more and more ubiquitous … More people are interacting, watching while using their tablets and their iPhones.’”

Al Jazeera English notes the popularity of the royal wedding has grown significantly since the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana -- perhaps one reason for the peak in Internet visitors. One expert speculates it’s because other countries -- like the United States -- don’t have royal families.

REPORTER: “When Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, it was in front of an estimated audience of 800 million people. This time, more than 2 billion people are expected to watch Kate and William’s big day.”

EVE POLLARD: “We have a monarchy that rules, but isn’t in charge. And I think many, many countries would like that because so many countries are run by politicians, people who come, people who go -- this is a family that just goes on.”

The biggest Internet event is from June 2010 when a World Cup match was played at the same time as the longest Wimbledon match -- attracting more than 10.3 million page views per minute -- nearly twice as many as the Royal Wedding.

Source: newsy.com

I didn't watch the wedding; at least not live.

Were you one of the "2billion" who watched it?

Did you like it? What did you like about it?

Just in case you didn't see it, here it is:

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Montse said…
I have to admit I am not interesting on this kind of events so I didn’t watch the wedding but I heart on the radio something about the wedding dress, the guests ..... I have no choice!
Natalia said…
I didn't want to see it but my boss forced me!!! do you believe it? My (female) boss forced us to stop working and see the wedding on streaming. I think it was a little too boring but I liked seeing the strange hats and dresses.
Perhaps medias have overwrite about it. I've even heard that at The Guardian web site you could find a "republican" button to skip out all the wedding news!
Marta said…
I didn't see it but I like this version a lot! LOL
Graham said…

I remember watching the wedding of Charles and Diana - I was only nine.

You aren't INTERESTED IN royal weddings.

Revise the -ed / -ing adjectives.
Graham said…

I don't think anyone likes to admit that they watched it voluntarily.

Did you see them exchange their vows?

I didn't want to see it but my boss MADE me ("forced sound as if she tied you up)!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? My (female) boss MADE US STOP working ...
Perhaps THE MEDIA HAS OVERWRITTEN about it. I've even heard that ON The Guardian website you could find a "republican" TAB to SKIP all the wedding news!

See you tomorrow.
Graham said…

I thought you would have camped out all night outside Westminster Abbey!