Dad burglar let out to be with kids

Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children

A burglar from Nottingham has been freed from jail on appeal so he can care for his five children.

Wayne Bishop, 33, was jailed for eight months for breaking into a rugby club and crashing into a police car.

Source: BBC News


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Montse said…
Hi, Graham. Very often children are victims of their parent’s behaviour. I wonder how this man is going to bring his children up.
Graham said…

Why am I not surprised that this man and his family are living on state benefits?

If you decide to have 5 children, then you should be able to support them yourself and not have to rely on taxpayers.

All his children will learn is that you don't have to earn a living, as the state will provide.
Anonymous said…
I have read this article.It´s very interesting.

Graham said…
Hi Belén!

Try to read as much as you can - it's a great way of increasing your vocabulary.

You mentioned that you felt you need to improve your grammar. Check out the links on the left of the blog.