Wedding pics

Here are a few of the wedding pics. Hope it keeps someone happy. :-)

Vocabulary Practice:

All the words in green are related to weddings. Can you write a defintion for them.

eg They went to Venice for their honeymoon.

The honeymoon is the holiday you go on after your wedding.
  1. There were over 150 guests at the wedding.
  2. The bride looked radiant as she entered the church.
  3. The groom was nervous as he waited at the altar.
  4. Was she having second thoughts as she walked down the aisle?
  5. They decided to get married in the Registry Office.
  6. It took him 5 years to pop the question.
  7. Everyone cheered and threw confetti as the newly-weds left the church.
  8. She was so nervous as they exchanged vows that she got her words mixed up.
  9. The reception was held in one of the best hotels in the city.
  10. He went abroad for his stag night while she had a quiet evening with friends for her hen party
  11. The best man  gave a funny speech about their days at uni.
  12. The witnesses were a mixture of friends and relatives.


Susana said…
Thank you so much, Graham. You are so cute...
Graham said…
cute??! me?! lol.
Miriam said…
Hi Graham:

You are Uuaauuuuuuuuuuu¡¡¡¡

Thank you very much¡¡¡

Of course, You are soooooooooooooo cute¡¡¡¡

You are wise, I never gave up hope.........

Thank you¡¡

Enjoy your weekend¡¡¡
Graham said…

that did make me lol.

hope they were worth the wait and the sleepless nights :-)

Have a nice weekend!
Miriam said…
Hi Graham:

How are you?

I´m happy if I make you laugh¡¡

Guau,Uauu and wooow are the same?

What do dogs say in Scotland???

I´m really worried or I´m mad or everybody is more slim in your photos today........
Please, Could you tell me which is your program? I need it¡
....or Are your photos???

Of course, They were worth¡¡¡

Thank you¡¡ C U ¡¡¡
Graham said…
Hi Miriam

"wow" is when you are amazed by something. Do I really look amazing in my kilt?!

"wooow" is a bit like "sooooooo"

A dog barks : bow-wow or woof woof or ruff ruff. I think their way of communicating is international.

I have looked at the pics again and it's true, they all seem slim. There is no camera trickery; it's just that they really were slim.

The photos WERE WORTH IT.
Miriam said…
Hi Graham:

How are things?

I hadn´t seen your comment. Sorry¡

Unbelievably I was nervious for the exams. I can´t understand it.

I usually don´t understand my comments very well, but I think you are really well in your kilt,
so, you are woooow?

Be good correcting exams¡¡¡ It wasn´t easy¡¡¡ It was strange...

I prefer others teams from Spain to win the world cup, but I´d like they could play some matches more.....

Have a good weekend¡¡

C U ¡¡¡¡
Graham said…
Hey Miri!

Well, I've corrected the essays and most of the exams.

Let's just say that I probably expected too much.

I WOULD PREFER A TEAM OTHER THAN Spain to win the world cup, but I´d like THEM TO PLAY A FEW MORE MATCHES.

I had a great time celebrating Spain's win two years ago but now I'd like one of the small countries to surprise everyone.


That's good news because I love wearing it.

C U!
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,

I've read the vocabulary to weedings, Only a doubt. The expression "pop the question", I suppose it meaning to ask if she wants to get married with him, isn,t it?
See you!, Hilde
Graham said…

weedings? I like the word. :-)

I've read the vocabulary about weddings,I have only one doubt. The expression "pop the question", I suppose it means to ask if she wants to marry him, doesn,t it?