"A controversial dating site that promises to match attractive men and women is now entering the baby business! has launched a virtual sperm bank for its clientele, promising to create 'the perfect gene pool'." (Fox News) is raising eyebrows again in its crusade against unattractiveness. The site that promises a pool of exclusively attractive members now has a virtual sperm-and-egg bank where, for the first time, even non-members can shop around for attractive genetic donors.

We're analyzing coverage from Fox News, WCCO-TV, Sky News and PR Newswire.

It's not the first time the site's policies have been called into question; earlier this year the site expelled 5,000 of its beautiful members for gaining too much weight over the holidays.

In an interview with the site's managing director Greg Hodge, Fox News asks whether the site has finally crossed the line by branching into the fertility industry.

GREG HODGE: "So, we've got the largest dating site of exclusively beautiful people in the world, and we've come to the attention of various fertility clinics around the world who wanted to advertise on our site and try to encourage our members' genetic donation."
GRETCHEN CARLSON: "So wait a minute, now you've gone from being a dating site -- to a lot of people you've sort of crossed that big line, some are saying, into weirdness."

But a reporter for CBS-affiliate WCCO-TV in Minneapolis says the site only wants to give its customers any advantage they can.

D'AGATO: "Parissa Mobasher says she's one of the beautiful people and naturally expects her baby would be too.
MOBASHER: "You're giving that child an extra bonus in life. You're giving them that extra edge."

Many find the concept of a selective breeding forum ethically questionable at best. From Sky News, Dr. David King of the watchdog group Human Genetics Alert is wary of attempts to control nature.

KING: "It's a symptom of a very dangerous tendency in our society -- a eugenic tendency, I think -- that says we can take control over everything about reproduction and have it exactly the way we want it."

Still, the site's founders say it is only giving its users what they want: the option to have prettier babies. Or, as founder Robert Hintze put it in a press release:

"... everyone - including ugly people - would like to bring good looking children in to the world, and we can't be selfish with our attractive gene pool."

So what do you think? Is it only natural for parents to want the best for their children, including the best looks? Or is it a slippery slope to selective breeding?


What is your opinion on this website and the creation of this exclusive sperm and egg bank?

You can apply to join here or if you are one of the ugly ones, just browse.

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