66 year old gives birth to triplets

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"After trying for 44 years to have a baby, she and her husband decided to try in vitro fertilization. On their third attempt, they succeeded. She gave birth to two boys and a girl." (WWMT News)

At age 66, Bhateri Devi is now the mother of triplets. She conceived the children via in vitro in order to provide heirs that could take over her and her husband's land, but some critics say she is too old for the treatment.

We're analyzing coverage from WWMT, Gather.com, CNN, True/Slant and Asia News International.

A writer for Gather thinks there's no way a woman nearing 70 could manage the responsibilities that come with taking care of a newborn, let alone three.

"...is it too old? I think so. There is a reason nature prevents it and we have no business trying to outsmart Mother Nature."

An infertility specialist at a Delhi hospital tells CNN that she wouldn't be comfortable using IVF on older women, but Devi's doctor says he had no reason to say no.

"The life expectancy in India is only sixty-something. I feel that once we are involved in bringing a human being in the world, there has to be concern about the unborn baby. (FLASH) As a doctor, I cannot say no, if the patient is medically fit."

A writer for True/Slant thinks Devi shouldn't be criticized for her desire to have children.

"I have three kids and, frankly, can't blame these people for going through with it. I sometimes think if I hadn't had kids in my 30s...at 70, I'd be the first in line to try and make it happen."

Devi's husband tells Asian News International that he is overjoyed the IVF finally worked.

"We thought of trying. We had stopped hoping that we would ever have children. I am very happy. The doctor is like God for us."

So, what do you think? Is Devi's decision to use IVF justifiable? How old is too old to conceive?

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Susana said…
I think it's a topic very delicate, but the doctors have to put a limit of age in these cases, no?
When her babys are 20 years old, his parents will be 90 years old!!
I'm disagree with this situation.
Have a wonderful weekend
Graham said…
Hi Susana!

I hope you take a note of the words and expressions from each post you read.

I find it quite disturbing that a woman in her sixties can have a baby.

I think it's a VERY DELICATE TOPIC, but the doctors have to put a limit of age in these cases, DON'T THEY?

When her CHILDREN are 20 years old, THEIR parents will be 90 years old!

I DISAGREE with this situation.

Enjoy the weekend! C U on Monday!