Men in kilts

As a build up to a pic that some of you (one in particular) are keen to see, here are a few other men in kilts.

Each tartan represents a clan. Ewan wears the MacGregor tartan and Rod wears the Stewart tartan.

The little bag worn at the front is called a sporran - the kilt doesn't have any pockets!

And for those of you to shy to ask the obvious question, these pics answer it:


Miriam said…
Who are you?

I can´t recognise you and It´d be impossible you weren´t here¡¡¡

Most of them are really fine in kilts. What about you????

Don´t have to wait for it more, please, It could be really dangerous.

Wouldn´t you mind to show us all the photos at the wedding??

Ooooh¡¡You are Nice¡¡¡¡

I have to study a lot¡¡ Please¡¡¡¡

Don´t be like this¡
And eventually I´ll C U¡

Could you download your photos?

Be good¡¡¡¡
Miriam said…
Susana¡¡¡ Please say something¡¡¡

Help me¡¡¡¡¡
Graham said…
Good news! I found the cable for my camera at last. The cables that you gave me didn't fit. For some strange a Canon cable fits a Sony camera.

Don´t LET US WAIT FOR IT ANYMORE, please, It could be really dangerous.

Wouldn´t you MIND SHOWING us all the PHOTOS OF the wedding??

I didn't take that many photos, to be honest. I'll put up one or two.

Good things come to those who wait. :-)