Trick or treat

Halloween, as you know it in Spain, is an American import. However, it has it roots in Celtic culture.

The saying Trick or Treat is translated as Truco o Trato. I think this is a mistake.

Trato should be translated as a deal or an agreement not treat.

A treat is something special you do or buy for someone else. In the case of Halloween, the treat would be the sweets that the children are given. I'm not sure but I think you'd translate it as gusto or invitación.
Treat is also a verb.
  • I was feeling a bit down so I treated myself to some chocolate biscuits.
  • He treated his wife to a weekend away in Paris.
  • If you behave, as a special treat, I'll take you to the park to feed the ducks.
When did you last treat yourself to something?
When did someone last treat you to something?
Did you celebrate Halloween?
What did you dress up as?


Montse said…
Hi ,Graham. It has been a long time since I wrote in the blog. I see you are really busy answering the students’ comments and I read several Lucia’s comments too.
The English classes in the MOJ start later every year. Is it true that you are going to be our teacher?...I hope it is!!
About Halloween, I have never celebrated it and the only time I dressed up was last summer when I had to attend a” pirate” party.

I hope I see you soon!
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

I was wondering where you had got to; you used to be the start of the blog.

Are you ready to start classes next? It'll be really tough for me getting up for an 8am class so take it easy with me.

I've never been a fan of fancy dress parties and even as a child I didn't want to get dressed up for Halloween.

See you on Tuesday. Expect me to be sleepy-eyed. :-)

Montse said…
Hi, Graham. You're right...I have to pick up my work in the blog because it helps to improve my English a lot.
I'm really glad that you are our teacher again, it was about time!
More and more I have trouble getting up early too and next Tuesday I'll have to wake up earlier than usually so, I'll be asleep too.
See you next week!!
Graham said…
Hi Montse,

Oooops - a typo! I meant "you used to be the star of the blog.

A title that I'm sure you will reclaim LOL
Montse said…
Graham, I've seen you in a good company this year... and I understood you typo. Thanks!!