Madrid is just fine

Buskers, pimps and plant-lovers beware: This is Madrid's biggest crackdown since General Franco

New anti-social behaviour laws ban everything from carelessly perched pot plants to carpet-beating in public

In the biggest crackdown on anti-social behaviour in decades, the city of Madrid is to impose new restrictions and fines on everything from soliciting the services of a prostitute to juggling, dog-feeding and carpet-beating in public.
All manner of human behaviour is being targeted under the new laws, including being careless with pot plants on a balcony or for using a park bench for – perish the thought – “something other than sitting”.
a busker = a person who plays music in a public place to get money - un músico ambulante
to busk - tocar algún instrumento en la calle para obtener dinero
a pimp = sb who controls the work and money of a prostitute - un chulo
beware (v - only imperative and infinitive) = used to warn sb of a danger - tener cuidado
a crackdown (on stg) -  medidas enérgicas
to ban = to offically forbid stg - prohibir
a ban - una prohibición
carelessly (adj) = not taking enough care - descuidado, tonto, imprudente
carelessly (adv) - sin cuidado
to perch = to be in a high position, usually on the edge of something - encaramar??
to beat /bi:t/ (beat /bet/, beaten) - golpear
a fine - una multa
to juggle - hacer juegos malabares
to feed (fed, fed) - alimentar, dar de comer
all manner of stg = a lot of different types - toda clase de algo
a flower pot - una maceta
a bench - un banco
perish the thought (idiom) - said to say you hope stg will not happen -
a draft - un borador, un esbozo
currently (formal) = at present, now - actualmente
a discussion = a conversation
to discuss - hablar    to argue = when you are angry - discutir
wide-ranging = covering many subjects - amplio, muy variado

to chop = to cut stg into small pieces - cortar (en trozos pequeños), trocear

poultry - aves de corral

a set = a group of things - un cojunto, una colección

a bylaw = a law made by local government - una ordenanza municipal

to be aimed at stg = intended to achieve stg - con la intención a hacer algo

to tackle = to try to deal with a problem - afrontar (un problema)

to range from ... to ... = to have different amounts or types - abarcar desde ... hasta ...

a windscreen = the window at the front of a bus - parabrisas

a skateboarder - algn que monta en monopatín, un patinador

a pavement - una acera

to hire - alquilar, contratar

a (drug) dealer = somebody who does business in (drugs) - un narcotraficante, un camello

to warn - avisar

an offender - un infractor, un delincuente
an offence - un delito, una infracción

to charge (with an offence) = to accuse sb officially of a crime - acusar

up to €3,000 - hasta €3,000

the disabled - los discapacitados

to beg  (for money) - mendigar
a beggar - un mendigo

a windowsill - un alféizar

to end up = eventually arrive at or become - acabar, terminar

a public thoroughfare - una vía pública

bothersome (adj) = annoying - molesto
to bother - molestar, disturbar

to shake - sacudir

a pond - un estanque

long-lasting (adj) - duradero
to last - durar

a demonstrator - un manifestante
a demonstration - una manifestación

to set up (a campsite, a business) - montar

tough (adj) - difícil, duro

to ply a trade - desempeñar su trabajo

a licence - un permiso

thoroughness (n) - rigor
thorough (adj) = detailed and careful - a fondo, meticuloso

elsewhere = in or to another place - a otra parte

a loophole - un vacío legal

keen (adj) = wanting to do stg very much - deseoso

to light up - encender (un cigarillo)

a stumbling block = stg that stops agreement - un impedimento, un obstáculo

unemployment (n) - desempleo, paro
unemployed (adj) - parado, en paro

-ridden - full of  stg unpleasant or bad - lleno

to run (a business) = to be in control of stg - administrar, llevar??

gambling (n) - juego (de apuestas)
to gamble - jugar, apostar

to garner = to collect stg usually after a lot of work or difficulty - reunir??

a cigarette butt - una colilla

Do you agree with any of these new laws?


luciti said…

I have read the article, I think that Madrid's goverment would concern about cleaning of streets, to look for solutions for homeless people and setting up culture and amusement places to young . It's more difficult to create interesting things to all people than to ban all things.

Madrid is like that, Spain is like that!!!

Laura said…
Madrid is, fundamentally, a tourist city...there are industry (of course) and services, but the tourist is our gretest source of wealth.
We have to wash the "Madrid face". But, evidently, with out cut social rights.
I think it very difficult because exist a very narrow line between both things.
Graham said…
Hi Luciti!

I understand your point of view but I actually agree with some of these new laws.

I think the only way that some people will learn not to drop litter or pick up dog mess is if they are fined.

On the other hand I don't know how they are going to catch them in the act of committing any offence.

I think that Madrid city hall should be concerned about the cleaning of streets, looking for solutions for homeless people and setting up culture and amusement places for the young.

It's more difficult to create interesting things for everyone rather than ban everything.

Graham said…
Hi Laura,

I imagine that you found this a difficult article to understand. There are some difficult words and expressions.

... there is industry (of course) and services, but the tourist is our greatest source of wealth.
We have to wash the "face of Madrid". But, evidently, without cutting social rights.

I think it is very difficult because there is a very narrow line between both things.

Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!
This is Cristina. I've read this article. This is what we were talking about last class, isn't it? I've learn some new interesting words.
See you tomorrow.
Rodrigo said…
Hi there!

People always complain about the bad behavior of the others, but if the goverment try to set some regulations, people is also upset...
I don´t understand this country.
Graham said…
Hi Cristina and Rodrigo,

Did you discuss this article together in English? If you did, I doubt you agreed. :-)

I've learnt some new interesting words. (like pimp?)

People always complain about the bad behavior of others, but if the government tries to set some regulations, people are also upset...

At last, we have found something that we Rodrigo and I can agree on.