£1 wedding

The lavish wedding - for just a pound

A thrifty bride and groom have proved a wedding day to remember does not need to cost a fortune after celebrating their nuptials -- for just one pound.

Georgina Porteous and Sid Innes organised their perfect day for family and friends, complete with rings, flowers, a cake and a photographer to capture the occasion.

They also hosted a reception with a picnic, drinks, jazz music and dancing at a romantic setting in the Scottish Highlands.

But incredibly, apart from the £70 they had to pay by law for their marriage fees, their only expenditure was a pound on Georgina's vintage wedding gown.

The newlyweds have now been toasting their big day after spending only a tiny fraction of the average £20,00o cost of a wedding in the UK.


lavish (adj) = showing that a lot of money has been spent - lujoso, desmesurado

thrifty (adj) = showing a careful use of money especially by avoiding waste - ahorrativo

the bride and groom - la novia y el novio (los novios)

nuptials (n) - nupcias

to host = to provide the space for a special event - albergar??

a fee = an amount of money you pay to do/use stg or to get a service - honorarios??  precio

expenditure = the total amount that a person or government spends (formal) - gastos

a gown = a woman's dress that is usually worn on formal occasions - vestido largo

newlyweds (n) = a couple who have just got married - recién casados

to toast = to hold up your glass as an expression of good wishes - brindar

average (adj) - media, promedio

to see the point in stg = to understand the reason for doing stg - ver el sentido

to take away from = to lessen the value of stg - ??

marriage (n) - matrimonio

huge (adj) - enorme tiny

an amount - cantidad, suma

fancy (adj) - elaborado, sofisticado ordinary

an affair = an event - una ocasión, un acontecimiento

a fair - una feria

to vow to do stg = to make a serious promise or decision - jurar

to avoid - evitar

to source = to get stg from a particular place - ??

an engagement - un compromiso
to get engaged = to officially decide to get married - prometerse

to take place = to happen - tener lugar

a barn - un granero

hay bales - balas de heno

stunning (adj) = incredibly beautiful - impresionante

ivory (adj) - marfil

embroidered (adj) - bordada

a sleeve - una manga

to swap = to give stg and be given stg else instead - cambiar

a suit - un traje

a guest - un huesped

antlers = the horns of a deer (ciervo) - cornamenta ??

a whip-round = money collected from a group of people to buy a present for sb - una colecta

to be on hand - estar disponible

to tuck into (informal) - lanzarse (sobre la comida)

sausage rolls = pastry filled with sausage meet - aguja de hojaldre rellena de salchicha

a tier = one of several levels eg on a cake - un piso??

to intertwine _ to twist two things together so as to be difficult to separate - interlazar ??

to waste - to use stg badly when there is a limited amount

to have a ball = to have a great time - pasarlo bomba

despite (+ verb + ing / + noun) - a pesar de

although - aunque, a pesar de que

to save money - ahorrar dinero

When did you last go to a wedding? What was it like? Did you enjoy it?

Do you think people spend too much money on their wedding day? What is your opinion on the £1 wedding?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham!
It's Cristina. I've read this post. I've found it interesting. A really original wedding.
See you tomorrow.
Graham said…
Hi Cristina,

Maybe it gave you some ideas for your own wedding...
luciti said…
Hi Graham!

I've read your post. People in your country is very special. It's very interesting. when I got married, 23 years ago, my wedding wasn't a lavish wedding, we only invited thrity people. I think that I won't hold other wedding in the future, it's was a good idea!! lol

Graham said…
Hi Lucía,

I think they went to the other extreme though I do think people spend way too much money on one day.

People in your country are very special. It's very interesting.
I don't think that I will hold another wedding in the future, it's a good idea!! lol

By the way, have you got any news about when classes start? I'm in no hurry lol

luciti said…
Hi Graham!
I don't speak to you for a long time!!.

I am very bussy, I'm studying catalonia lenguage. I go to academy to days a week.

I know that english class in Ministry of Justice began after of 15 of november. You can be quiet...lol

I look forward to seeing you!! At last, will you be my teacher??? lol


luciti la catalana...
Graham said…
Hi Luciti!

What is the hold up with classes at the MOJ?

At this rate, it might be 2014 before we start.

As far as I know, you will have the misfortune to have me as your teacher.

I haven't spoken to you for a long time.

I am very busy. I'm studying Catalan. I go to an academy two days a week.

I know that English classes in the Ministry of Justice begin after the 15th of November. You can relax...lol

See Confusing Words (Quiet) - http://madteachergraham2.blogspot.com.es/2010/02/confusing-words-quiet.html

I look forward to seeing you!! Will you be my teacher in the end??? lol

See Confusing Words (in the end)-
At last! = por fin!

See you who knows when! LOL