Can you do better than Botella?

Ana Botella was ridiculed for that infamous speech but could you do any better?

Here are a few attempts. Can you spot any mistakes? Which is your favourite?


Dear IOC members,

I am so thankful of having to have the priviledge to convince you why Madrid is an Olympic city.

First of all, I would like to point out that Madrid is the most well-connected city in the world. The buildings for this magical event are almost built. Furthermore, Madrid got has a sense of serenity that you feel as you put a step take a step in this modern city.

In this place, you feel as you were as if you are in seventh heaven as you walk in the streets and see how all the cultures can live in peace and taste one of the best gastronomies in the world.

In conclusion, Madrid got the sport's feel has got the feel of sport to be an Olympic city.


Thank you Mr President.

Good morning IOC delegates.

My previous colleagues have told you about all benefits that the Olympic family will get if Madrid is elected for the 2020 games.

Now, I want to explain you explain how your private life will be improved, as part of the elite group of the IOC board.

As you know, Spain is well known for how the politicians steal the money of from the people and distribute the loot among their friends.

You can be confident that if you choose Madrid, you will be receive a preferential part of the allocation.

In fact, you will be pleased enjoying have the opportunity to enjoy the most expensive hotels, restaurants and other pleasures, and of course all for free. Don't hesitate inviting hesitate to invite your family and friends. Madrid is a welcoming city.

Nothing more to say, That's all I have to say  me and all Spanish taxpayers are looking forward looking forward to your votes.

Thank you very much.


Dear president and IOC memebers, thank you very much for sharing with us this night, that is very important to the three countries and for sport.

I would like to say that Spain is very involved in sports. We had help have helped many athletes to fulfill their dreams, and we have invested in child prodigies.

Sport has opened the eyes of many spanish Spanish people, and taught them a way fo life; so it would be an honor for our country that if the 2020 Olympic Games were celebrating to be held in Madrid.

I must say that the Spanish have been involved so much: they have organized a lot of activities like races and meetings, and there are more than sixty thousand volunteers for so that the Olympic Games can be carried out held here.

We wish hope that the Olympic Games will take place in Madrid. We think that it would be a great economic boost for Spain now that there would be more work and create many new jobs.

We are hospitable and friendly.

Because of all these reasons, I think that Madrid deserves the Olympic Games in 2020.

Thank you very much for making possible that it possible for Madrid is to be here tonight.


Dear IOC members, ladies and gentlemen. It's a great pleasure for me, and for all the Spanish people to be here at this these elections for the Olympic Games.We think that Madrid is a great option for 2020, and now we want to transmit convey it to you.

First of all: Madrid is a big city, full of buildings, vehicles and business, but at the same time it's a likeable and pleasant city, full of parks, outdoor spaces, charming restaurants and shops, and places where you can practise play sport.

We have been working very hard, so so that the 80% 80% of the buildings for the OOGG are already contructed, and don't worry if you think that in 2020 they will be old, because we will do some renovations so so that they will be new again.

Madrid is full of sportsmanship people participating in sport. You can see it when you walk through the streets, because there are lots of people riding bikes, running or skating.

So, we want to share this city, full of life, culture and specially especially sport with you, and it would be a great pleasure for Spain, and for Madrid to welcome the OOGG of 2020.

Thank you very much.