The perfect female face

Perfect face dimensions measured

Scientists believe they have worked out the dimensions of the most attractive female face.

They say the key to the ideal arrangement of female facial features is the measurements between the eyes, mouth and ears.

Applying their results, the Canadian pop singer Shania Twain was rated as having the perfect visage.

The study, led by the University of Toronto, appears in the journal Vision Research.

The researchers asked students to rate the attractiveness of colour photographs of the same woman's face, laid out side by side.

Using photoshop, the researchers altered the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and the horizontal distance between the eyes in each image.

The features themselves never changed, just the distance between them, and the woman's face was only compared to her own.

Following a series of experiments, the researchers came up with the most attractive length and width ratios between features.

On length, the distance between a woman's eyes and mouth should be just over a third or 36%, of the overall length of her face, from hairline to chin.

For width, they calculated that the space between a woman's pupils should be just under half, or 46%, of the width of her face from ear to ear.

Average face

Fortunately, the researchers calculated that these ratios correspond to an average face.

The researchers said women who did not fit the "perfect dimensions" had no need to resort to extreme measures, such as plastic surgery.

They said hairstyles could be used in effect to create an optical illusion.

Lead researcher Professor Kang Lee said the face of actress and renowned beauty Angelina Jolie did not fit the golden ratio either for length or width.

British actress Elizabeth Hurley scored on the golden ratio for length, and just missed out the width measurement.

Both were eclipsed by Shania Twain, 44, whose hits include Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

The results suggest her face has a perfect set of geometric measurements.

However, the study looked only at white women, and the researchers admit their findings could not be applied to other groups.

Professor David Perrett, of the perception lab at St Andrew's University, said the physical dimensions of a face provided a lot of clues about the health and fertility of the owner.

He said men tended to be attracted to female faces that were young and feminine - probably because they suggested heightened fertility.

But he said the distance between features was probably less important than the appearance of the features themselves.

For instance, a man was likely to be attracted by big eyes, rather than by the fact that they were a certain distance apart.

Source: BBC News

Do you agree with the results of the survey?

Which woman do you think has the perfect face? Why?


Montse said…
Graham. I’ve read the article but I don’t agree with the results of the research. I think it’s a very subjective topic and that others features of the face, like the look, the shape of the mouth and the nose are very important in this case.
Graham said…

You'd think scientists would have more important things to research , wouldn't you?

As the saying goes: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Hope you are feeling better in time for the weekend.
Montse said…
Graham, do you think it is worth it to research everything? I don’t think so.
This weekend I have been to Seville and I’ve had a good time. I didn’t know it, can you believe it? So, I’m prepared to start a new week.
Graham said…

How lucky! I wish I had gone away this weekend too.

I've been to Seville a few times. Once when I was there in May with my mother, it rained so much the streets were literally rivers. Seville is a city to be outdoors, so we ended up going to the cinema. It was the first time at the movies for my mother since she took me to see ET.

What was the weather like there this weekend?

Do you think it is WORTH RESEARCHING everything? (No, I don't - that was my point)

I HAD NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE, can you believe it? So NOW I’m READY to start a new week.