Men under the knife

Think women are the only ones having plastic surgery these days? Think again.

“More and more men are going under the knife in an attempt to look younger. New statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show face lifts for men rose 14% in 2010. Liposuction, ear surgeries and wrinkle filler procedures also rose among men last year.” (WFLX)

Overall, men underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures last year. (That’s a 2 percent jump from 2009.) One plastic surgeon has the who and why.

“’s baby boomers that are driving the numbers up. Millions are now reaching retirement age and with the economy stabilizing, they’re splurging.

“The wanna look good and they wanna look good now. So, when they have the financial means to do it, I think they do do it and I think it does reflect a little bit of an uptick in the economy.” (ASPS)

Speaking of economy -- media outlets like BNET and Daily Mail report men are choosing surgery to change their look as a way to keep their job or find a job since the recession took a toll on the careers of middle aged men.

“ just want to be able to compete in the job market and they’re competing with men who are in their 20s and in better shape and wrinkle-free.”

“The rise of smart casual clothes and 'dress down Fridays' also meant they [men] were more likely to expose their portly figures...”

The most popular procedures among men are nose reshaping, liposuction and breast reductions. Yes, breast reductions are quite popular in men - men under the age of 30. U.S. News quotes the president of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons on the popular procedure.

"They are embarrassed by it ... They are interested in not letting anyone know that they have had this operation... They can go out to the pool and not be embarrassed by the fact that they had what would be a woman's C cup."

There is speculation that wives who have gone under the knife may be urging their husbands to do the same.


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. Youth and beauty have always worried to people and nowadays we have some tools to get them, at least for some time. But I ask myself, how will those people feel when the surgery doesn’t help them yet? I think they’ll get depressed. Anyway, it’s really worrying that everybody always wants to be surrounded by beautiful people at work, at home, in parties and every other place.
Graham said…

Youth and beauty have always WORRIED PEOPLE and nowadays .. But I ask myself, how will those people feel when the surgery NO LONGER HELPS THEM / doesn’t help them ANYMORE?

So you don't think I should get my wrinkles filled and the bags from under my eyes removed??
Montse said…
Graham, I recommend that you spend your money in other kind of things that you’ll like remembering when you really have wrinkles.
Graham said…

I doubt I would remain wrinkle or bag free for very long after any cosmetic surgery.

I recommend that you SPEND your money ON other things...