Elizabeth Taylor - a true star


ET: Why are you looking at me like that?

PN: Like what?

ET: Like you were just looking.

PN: I wasn't conscious of looking at you, Maggie.

ET: I was conscious of it.

ET: If you were thinking the same thing I was...

PN: No, Maggie!

ET: Why not?

PN: Will you please keep your voice down?

ET: No!

ET: I know you better than you think.

ET: I've seen that look before...

ET: ...and I know what it used to mean.

ET:  And it still means the same thing now.

PN: You're not the same woman now, Maggie.

ET: Don't you think I know that?

ET: Don't you think I know...

PN: Know what, Maggie?

ET: That I've gone through this horrible transformation.

ET: I've become hard and frantic and cruel.

PN: Are you planning on meeting Big Daddy's plane?

ET: Oh, Brick! I get so lonely.

PN: Everybody gets that.

ET: Living with somebody you love can be...

ET: ...lonelier than living entirely alone...

ET: ...when the one you love doesn't love you.

ET: You can't even stand drinking out of the same glass, can you?

PN: Would you like to live alone, Maggie?

ET: No!

ET: No, I wouldn't.

ET: Why can't you lose your good looks, Brick?

ET: Most drinking men lose theirs.

ET:Why can't you?

ET: I think you've even got better looking since you went on the bottle.

ET: You were such a wonderful lover.

PN: You'll be late!

ET: You were so exciting to be in love with.

ET: Mostly, I guess, because you were...

ET: If I thought you'd...

ET: ...never make love to me again...

ET: ...I'd find the longest, sharpest knife and stick it straight into my heart.

ET: I'd do that.

ET: Oh, Brick! How long does this have to go on, this punishment?

ET: Haven't I served my term?

ET: Can't I apply for a pardon?

PN: Your finishing-school voice sounds like you were running upstairs telling somebody there house was on fire.

ET: Is it any wonder?

ET: You know what I feel like?

ET: I feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof.

PN: Then jump off the roof, Maggie. Jump off it.

PN: Cats jump off roofs and land uninjured.

PN: Do it. Jump.

ET: Jump where?

ET: Into what?

PN: Take a lover.

ET: I don't deserve that!

ET: I can't see any man but you.

ET: Even with my eyes closed, I just see you.

ET Why can't you get ugly, Brick?

ET: Why can't you get fat or ugly or something, so I can stand it?

PN: You'll make out fine.Your kind always does.

ET: I'm more determined than you think.

ET: I'll win all right.

PN: Win what?

PN: What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

ET: Just staying on it, I guess...

ET: ...as long as she can.

Transcript (A place in the Sun)

ET: A penny.

MC: For what?

ET: For your thoughts. Highest prices paid.

MC: I was just wondering why you invited me tonight.

ET: Because of my reasons.

Butler: Good evening, Miss Vickers.

ET: Good evening, Mr Eastman.

Butler: Good evening.

Marcia: Angela, darling, hello.

ET: Hello, Marcia.

Marcia: Hello, George. Having fun?

MC: I just got here.

Marcia: Come on in and join the party.

ET: It's going to be such a wonderful summer.

ET: Do you ride?

MC: I'm just taking it up.

ET: Hello, Mother, Dad.

ET: We keep several horses.

ET: There'll be lots of parties and dances and things like that.

Man: And who, may I ask, is he?

Woman: If she were my daughter, I should be inclined to ask her the same question.

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ET: Aren't you happy with me?

MC: Happy? The trouble is I'm too happy tonight.

ET: You seem so strange, so deep and far away.

ET: As though you were holding something back.

MC: I am.

ET: Don't.

MC: I'd better.

MC: This is nice. I don't want to spoil it.

ET: You'd better tell me.

MC: I love you. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.

MC: I guess maybe I even loved you before I saw you.

ET: And you're the fellow that wondered why I invited you here tonight.

ET: I tell you why. I love...

ET: Are they watching us?

ET: I love you, too! It scares me.

ET: But it is a wonderful feeling.

MC: I can hold you, I can see you. I can hold you next to me.

MC: But what's it going to be like next week?

MC: I'll still be as much in love with you. You'll be gone!

ET: But I'll be at the lake! You'll come and see me.

ET: It's so beautiful. You must come.

ET: I know my parents will be a problem.

ET: But you can come the weekends when the kids are there.

ET: You don't have to work weekends. That's the best time.

ET: If you don't come, I'll drive down here to see you.

ET: I'll pick you up outside the factory.

ET: You'll be my pick-up! We'll arrange it somehow, whatever way we can.

ET: We'll have such wonderful times together, just the two of us.

ET: I'd be the happiest person in the world.

ET: The second happiest.

MC: Angela, if I could only tell you, how much I love you.

MC: If I could only tell you all.

ET: Tell Mama. Tell Mama all.


ET: I actually fell for him.

ET: It! That! There!

RB: Martha's a romantic at heart.

ET: That I am.

ET: I actually fell for him.

ET: And the match seemed practical too.

ET: For a while Daddy thought George had the stuff...

RB: Wait a minute, Martha.

ET: ...to take over when he was ready to retire. And we both thought that naturally ...

RB: Stop it!

ET: What do you want?!

RB: I wouldn't go on if I were you.

ET: You wouldn't? Well, you're not!

RB: You've already sprung a leak about you-know-what.

ET: What? WHAT?

RB: About the sprout. About the little bugger. Our son.

RB: If you start on this other business, I warn you...

ET: I stand warned.

Son : Do we have to go through this?

ET: Anyway, I married the S.O.B.

ET: I had it all planned out.

ET: First he'd take over the History Department, then when Daddy retired he'd take over the whole college, you know?

ET: That was the way  it was supposed to be!

ET: Getting angry?

ET: That was how it was supposed to be.

ET: All very simple.

ET: Daddy thought it was a good idea too.

ET: For a while!

ET: Until he started watching for a couple of years.

ET: Getting angrier?

ET: Till he watched for a couple years...

ET: ...and started thinking it wasn't such a good idea after all.

ET: That maybe Georgie-boy didn't have the stuff!

ET: That maybe he didn't have it in him!

RB: Stop it, Martha!

ET: Like hell, I will!

ET: You see George didn't have much push. He wasn't particularly aggressive.

ET: In fact, he was sort of a flop!

ET: A great big, fat flop!

RB: MARTA! Stop it, Marta.

ET: I hope that was an empty bottle. You can't afford to waste good liquor.

ET: Not on your salary! Not on an associate professor's salary!


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I love these movies, especially “Cat on a hot tin roof”. I’ve seen it more than once.
See you tomorrow!
Graham said…

I've seen A Place in the Sun but I can't remember the plot.

That doesn't mean to say that it's a bad film; just that my memory is poor.

Too often I watch films and only realize that I had already seen it, when it is over.

Montse said…
Graham, that happens to me too often, what's more I forget the plot almost immediatily . I think I start to have "memoria de pez". How do you say that in English? LOL
Graham said…

We'd say that someone has "a memory like a sieve".
Hi Graham:
I never see this film... it appeare interesting, I'll try see the film...
By, see you soon.
Graham said…
Hi Natalia,

Elizabeth Taylor is from the golden age of Hollywood. I doubt the actresses of today will be remembered in the same way.

I have never seen these films... They seem interesting, I'll try to see one of the films.