Alonso v Hamilton is history... now it's Alonso v Rubalcaba

'They do not drive asleep in the United States'

The Deputy Prime Minister has been defending the decision to reduce the maximum speed limit on Spain's roads, in the face of criticism from Formula One driver, Fernando Alonso.

Deputy Prime Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba has answered the criticism from Fernando Alonso that it is hard to stay awake driving at 110km/hour, the new maximum speed limit about to be introduced in Spain.

He said that drivers in the United States are not asleep, noting that the speed limit there and in other countries is 110 km/hr.

In the U.K. the 70 mph translates to 112 km/hr

Rubalcaba insisted that the new lower speed is to save petrol and not to increase the number of traffic fines.

More energy saving measures will be approved in the cabinet on Friday.

Meanwhile in Holland they are considering increasing the speed limit on a third of the country’s motorways to 130 km/hr. They argue that increasing the speed will actually lead to a reduction in accidents, and are also looking at increasing speeds on non-motorway roads.

Drivers in Spain have been quick to criticise the Government’s other announcement of a 50% saving on street lighting, considering turning off lights to be ‘quite dangerous’ and saying it could lead to more serious accidents.

The AEC, Spanish Road Association technical sub-director, Elena de la Peña, warned it was a measure which had to be carried out with much care, given that those sections of road which are lit are generally regarded as dangerous sections or junctions.


Do you agree with Alonso or Rubalcaba?


Montse said…
Hi, Graham. I think I agree with Fernando Alonso. Driving at 110 km/h for a long distance travel, trough a motorway and with a new car, may be really boring. Shortly, I’m going to travel to Sevilla by car. I hope I keep awake!
Graham said…
Hi Montse:

I don't agree with you on this one. I think too many people speed on the roads and don't drive carefully enough.

Maybe, the new law is unnecessary but Alonso shouldn't be encouraging people to go faster.

Driving at 110 km/h ON a long distance JOURNEY, ALONG a motorway and with a new car, may be really boring.

I got the impression when I drove to Sevilla, that they drive faster there.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Graham.
In my opinion this law save petrol and lifes.
I think people in Spain criticize everything (law about smoking, law about speed limit...), ando don´t say anything about poor people, about politics who steal, etc.
Graham said…

I wonder how many people will get fined for going at 120kph on the motorways.

In my opinion this LAW SAVES petrol and LIVES.
...(THE LAW about smoking, THE LAW about THE speed limit...), about POLITICIANS who steal, etc

I agree with Felix. :-) People are only concerned with things that affect them.