Pre-Int File 4 Grammar

Correct the sentences that have mistakes:
  1. Have you ever been in Scotland?
  2. What have you done in class yesterday?
  3. When did you last see Mrs Connor?
  4. She's never eaten paella.
  5. A: Where's Steve? B: He's just been.
  6. A: Have you finished the homework yet? B: No yet.
  7. We've already heard this song.
  8. David is taller that his brother now.
  9. I am more stressed in my new job.
  10. He isn't as funnier as the teacher we had before.
  11. Women is better at languages than men.
  12. She is the ugliest woman I have ever met.
  13. London is one of the most expensive city in the world.
  14. Moscow is the second more dangerous city in Europe.
  15. A: What is like the weather? B: It's raining.

Don't forget to use the English File website when revising.


Montse said…
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Graham said…

Only one that you shouldn't have corrected:

3. She's never EATEN PAELLA.

Apart from that, your other answers are fine.

14 out of 15 - a job well done! :-)
Paloma said…
Hi Graham: I'm listening to exercises of your bloog,exactly "children's stories".As they repeat many times, finally I'm understanding something, althoug they are a bit boring.
This morning I'm going to see last rugby match of this season of my oldest soon,and in the evening I'm going to the airport to pick up my youngest soon that is coming to London.
Have a good weekend. See you
Graham said…
Hi Paloma,

You should look for more interesting stories in other webpages such as The Flatmates series from the BBC. There you can read and listen to short conversations.

I will try to create podcasts at some point but I am sure you will be tired of hearing my voice :-)

This morning I'm going to see THE LAST rugby match of this season of my oldest SON,and in the evening I'm going to the airport to pick up my youngest SON WHO is ARRIVING FROM London.

How was the rugby? I think it can be much more exciting than football.

Was your son in London to learn English?