Promises - Eric Clapton

Ok, it's not really Clapton but the real thing was removed due to copyright.

I dont care if you never come home,
I dont mind if you just keep on
Rowing away on a distant sea,
cause I dont love you and you dont love me.

You cause a commotion when you come to town;
You give me a smile and they melt.
Having lovers and friends is all good and fine,
But I dont like yours and you dont like mine.

La la, la la la la la.
La la, la la la la la.

I dont care what you do at night,
Oh, and I dont care how you get your delights.
Im gonna leave you alone, Ill just let it be,
I dont love you and you dont love me.

I got a problem. can you relate?
I got a woman calling love hate.
We made a vow we'd always be friends.
How could we know that promises end?

La la, la la la la la.
La la, la la la la la.

I tried to love you for years upon years,
You refuse to take me for real.
*Its time you saw what I want you to see,
And Id still love you if youd just love me


Source: lyricsfreak

Grammar Point:

It's (about/high) time + subject + past tense

It's time I cleaned the flat. (I haven't cleaned the flat for some time. I need to clean it because it's quite dirty.)

It's about time you found a good job. (You have never had a good job. You need to find one quickly.)

It's high time you stopped behaving like a child. (You need to change your behaviour urgently. Act like an adult now.)

Compare these two sentences:

It's time to go. (It's the correct time to go.)

It's time I went. (I should have gone before now.)

Now try creating some examples of your own using the constructions above.