False Friends - notorious and eventually

I discovered two more False Friends the other day.

FF are words that sound similar but have different meanings (embarrassed - embarazoso, constipado - constipated, actually - actualmente, library - librería and so on).

Notorious means famous for something bad.
  • Jack the Ripper is one of Britain's most notorious serial killers.
  • Spain has become notorious for corruption.
  • The King is a notorious womanizer.
  • That company is notorious for paying low wages to its staff.
  • It's a notoriously difficult exam to pass.
  • She gained notoriety for being a difficult person to work with.

I looked up "notorio" and I see - well-known, famous, obvious, evident and noticeable.

In English you can say - It's a well-known fact that... Can you say - Es un hecho notorio que... ??

In English you can say - He told a blatant (= obvious) lie. Can you say - Ha dicho una mentira notoria ? I think it sounds strange.

In English you can say - It was an obvious mistake. Can you say - ha sido un error notario ??

How else can you use the word notario??

There is also a Hitchock film called Notorious. Have you seen it?

I hadn't realized that eventually and eventualmente are FF.

Eventually means that something happens after a long time.
  • They eventually agreed on a price. (after many hours of negotiations)
  • I might take a while but I'll get round to it eventually.
  • She eventually decided to wear the black dress. (after trying on ten dresses)
  • I eventually remembered where I'd left my keys. (I'd been looking for them for ages)
  • Don't worry. You will find the right girl eventually.

I looked up "eventualmente" and I found - occasionally, by chance and possibly.

In English you can say - She occasionally comes to class. Can you say - Viene a clase eventualmente  ??

You can say - They''ll possibly arrive early. Can you say - Eventualmente llegarán temprano  ??

Can you provide me with a few more examples of "eventualmente" ??

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Anonymous said…
Hi Graham. This is Cristina. I've read this post and I've found it interesting. I didn't know that notorious and eventually were false friends.
See you tomorrow at four.
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham
It's Hilde
I've seen Notorius at least five times. I like it so much .The scene in the cellar during the party is so thrilling!!!!! and distressing¿?
See you
Graham said…

Have you ever seen Notorious?

You could try watching it with Rodrigo.
Graham said…
Hi Hilde,

I have seen it and I'm sure I enjoyed it but I remember very little about it.

I should watch it again.

Have you ever watched it in English?

The scene in the cellar during the party is so thrilling yet distressing.