Crossword - New Year resolutions

You can click on the key symbol to get the answers.

If you do the crossword, write me a short comment. Did you get them all?


Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,

I'm Rafael. Really useful, and I almost did it correct.
Graham said…

14:10??? I'm like you. I always leave things until the last moment.
Erik said…
Hi Graham! I´m Erik.

I tried it this weekend in my village but, finally, I saw the solutions to complete it (I didn´t remember 5 and 11).

See you on Monday.
Graham said…
Hi Erik!

It's Graham. Please read my latest post "Who is it? It's me".

I will try to post a few more crosswords but in the meantime, do some work in other posts. You have plenty to choose from.

Don't wait until you receive a message on Barking Mad before doing any work :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Graham,
I´m Jorge. The crossword was a bit difficult. I have needed to look for some answer but fnally I could complete it
Graham said…
Hi Jorge,

It's Graham RIGHT
I'm Graham WRONG

The crossword is a bit tough but hopefully, you learnt a few new expressions. I'll test you on Monday.
Cristina said…
Hi Graham, I'm Cristina, Happy New Year!

Doing the crossword I have discovered one doubt (the first doubt of the year :P): What is the difference between Join, Sign Up and Enrol? Do They have the same meaning or I have to use each one in different context?

Thanks so much!

Graham said…
Hi Cristina,

Good to see you making use of the blog at last!

I'm sure this is the first of many doubts that you have. I just hope I can answer them all satisfactorily.

The three words mean the same thing more or less.

You enrol on a course / at a school. I suppose it's more formal than sign up.

I might sign up for a marathon this year.

Sign up and enrol are for paid courses/activities whereas join is more general.

I'm meeting my friends tonight if you want to join us.

Join doesn't need a preposition.

I should join a gym.

When you say hello on the blog / on the pone / at a door say -
it's Cristina.

See you on Monday.

Hi Graham! It´s Ricardo!

Happy New Year!

I have had the same doubt about join, enrol and sign up, like Cristina posted.

Very useful post and... sorry, I know it´s late...!!

See you in a couple of hours!
Hi Graham! It´s Ricardo

I have missed my last comment...

I have had the same doubt with enrol, sign up and join, as Cristina said.

Very useful!!

See you soon!
Graham said…
Hi Ricardo,

I'm glad you like it.

Remember that you don't see the comment that you write until I publish it.